What you will miss about Canada when you go abroad

I didn’t realize how much I missed so many little things until I came back for this Christmas break. The first four months of being abroad, I focused manly on becoming accustomed to the Parisian lifestyle and neglected to even think about what my life used to be like. It’s not that they aren’t as advanced or that we’re behind in the world, it’s just the difference in the two cultures which are actually quite different.

All I can say is god, I love being Canadian.

1. Dollarama.

I don’t think i’ve ever taken something for granted as much as I did the poor old dollar store back home. I miss those little knick knacks that you can get for a measly dollar whereas in France everything is so much more expensive.

2. Tim Hortons. Say goodbye to timbits and highly addictive coffee if you plan on going abroad, at least to France that is. A café allonge which Is their largest coffee is about the size of a small at Tim Hortons making it very expensive if you’re a coffee addict like myself.


3. Cold water. I don’t know about you but I like my water with ice cubes in it and good luck finding any of those here. Water is either served still or sparkling and more often than not in a wine bottle.

4. Snow. I complain about it all winter when I have to be immersed in it but now that I’m away from it I realize that it really is a beautiful thing.

5. The people This has been a huge challenge for me since being in France. Canadians are nice, simple as that. They want to talk to you and take pleasure in having a lengthy conversation instead of the Parisians which consider a “bonjour” sufficient. I find that the Parisians tend to be stand offish which makes me miss home even more.

5. Hockey. Whether you’re just a spectator or grew up playing the sport it part of being a Canadian and it’s something that has been a big part of my life. Sorry Europe but soccer has got nothing on the good old hockey game.

6. Country Music. I ‘m almost ashamed at the fact that I went 4 months without listening to a single track of country music. Luke Bryan has been missed that’s for sure.

7. The Outdoors. Canada has never looked so beautiful after being away trapped in a small city. Paris is gorgeous don’t get me wrong but nothing beats the natural beauty that this Country has.

8. We’re Polite. The first thing I noticed when I came back to Canada was how often we actually do say “sorry”.

9. You will learn to live with the cold.  When people learn that I’m from Canada they instantly think that I should be immune to the cold but the fact of the matter is that we just know how to deal with it.

10. Our lingo. I don’t know how many people will call me out on how I say “out and about” or “milk in a bag”. Here is a list of words you will only understand if you’re Canadian. Click here. 

Of course I’m biased to Canada because I have grown up here but after travelling to other parts of the world I really believe that I am from one of the best places on earth. No matter where I go in life I will always be proud of where I come from.