Blueberry Cream Overnight Oats

Oh boy.. Last night I decided to try out a different way of creating my typical overnight oats that I have every morning. I figured I should add some protein into them but didn’t really want to add protein powder (i’m running low and its too expensive haha) I decided to try egg whites in the batter but obviously no one wants to eat raw eggs so I cooked them in the microwave the night before and let them soak overnight. I was apprehensive of them because I like my oats liquid and cold but I needed to change up my breakfast a bit anyways. All in all, they turned out amazing and i’m happy I branched out and tried something new.. this could possibly be the start to a new recipe addiction haha. 


  • 1/2 cup of oats
  • 1/2 cup of water
  • 1/3 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 1/4 cup shredded zucchini

Microwave for 2 minutes then take out and stir & Add:

  • 2 egg whites
  • 1 tbsp flaxseed

Put in the fridge overnight and let soak. I added banana, greek yogurt, almonds, wheat puffs, blueberries and whip cream on top in the morning but the possibilities are endless! 





Coconut Cashew Energy Balls

In an attempt to get my father to eat a bit healthier instead of snacking on a whole bag of chips I decide to introduce him to the world of nuts and dried fruit. surprisingly he actually liked them! I had an abundance of cashews and dates that had been in my cupboard for a while from a bulk barn binge shopping day a while back so they had to be used up at some point anyways. Cashews aren’t really my favorite snacking nut like almonds but I do enjoy them combined with other foods. 


  • 1 cup Raw, Unsalted Cashews
  • 1 cup Medjool Dates, packed and pitted
  • 1/2 cup Unsweetened Shredded Coconut


  1. Add Cashews to food processor. Pulse until the cashews are broken up into small pieces but not too much to become a flour!
  2. Add the dates and shredded coconut with the cashews and process until all mixed. I added a bit of coconut oil so the ingredients would stick together. 
  3. Roll into 1 1/2 inch balls.
  4. EAT! 


Goodbye Documents!

I finally had my doctors appointment today to get my health certificate done up! This was the last piece of information that I needed in order to be sent along with my contract to the DIRECCTE in France. This whole Au Pair process is not easy, and the French Consulate in Canada is honestly the hardest and most confusing government body I have ever had to deal with. They DON’T accept phone calls and then when you e-mail them with questions, they answer back with yes/no answers…. really helpful right? 


So anyways, it’s going to take a good week for these documents to arrive in France with my host family, then another 2 weeks or more to get stamped at the DIRECCTE. Then another week to come back to me… I AM VERY IMPATIENT.. so this sucks. I just want to know for sure I can book my visa appointment (which I have to fly 3 hours away to get to). Why they have one appointment office for 5 provinces beats me, but I guess it will be a good trip away for mom and I before I leave her for a year. 

I really want to book my flights as well but am unsure of what week i’ll be able to leave because of the wait time for the visa processing and such. I’m also finding that becoming an au pair in France is not as cheap as people may think it would be. Already I have paid $11 to send my documents to my host family. Then comes the rest of the fees. 

– $130 visa application 

– $500 flight to the office for my appointment for my visa 

– $20 passport pictures

– $ Xpresspost envelope to send with my visa application 

– $550 for 1 term of french lessons ($70 enrollment fee paid now)

– $1600 return flight to france

– $100 in extra luggage fees

– $200 food while away in Montreal 

And that’s just the beginning…. Oh well, it will be worth it in the end. This is the first step to an adventure that could and I hope will change my life and open my eyes to another world out there. One thing I am very grateful of is how amazing my host family has been so far. I couldn’t have done half of the things I have done without their knowledge and fast responses. 

3 months can’t come soon enough 😀



Process (so far!)

Alright so I thought I would fill my au pair followers of maybe even potential au pairers about my process of applying for an au pair so far! First things first, why did I chose to au pair this year? – I’m graduating in June from my business administration program and honestly I don’t feel I am ready to get sucked into a life long career just yet. There are so many things I want to do and see before I start working a set job so I thought why not try the au pair way. I created an account on and made my profile including my dear family letter! I added pictures so the families could get a little insight of who i am and my lifestyle. I started getting e-mails from families in Germany, Holland, France and Spain and responded to some. The very first family I came across that interested me, I instantly messaged and guess what.. that’s the one that I’m going with! When writing to them I was scared they would reject me but after months of talking here I am waiting for the final contract in the mail so I can send it back to them! I have scheduled a bank and doctors appointment because i need to show proof I have money to come home if I have to and also a health check (in french). I have contacted my school to get transcripts to show my enrollment and progress and school as well. Then I had to write a letter to say why I want to come into France and what I will be doing while I am there. I will send all of these documents along with the signed contract ( 4 copies) back to my hsot family for approval! So now all there is to do is wait and work the summer away! I work 7 days a week right now trying to save as much as I can so that I can enjoy Europe and travel while I am there. It’s going to a stressful summer but it will be worth it come August 20th! 😀

New Beginnings

well it’s pretty much official! I will be leaving little nova scotia behind for 11 months this August to head to Paris, France to be an au pair! I have been in contact with my host family for the past month or so and he will be mailing the contract off today. It wasn’t an easy decision to turn away a career within the banking industry which would be the start to my life.. but honestly I don’t feel ready to start “life” … i’m young and currently have no ties so what better time to go and experience the world!

In order to be able to travel I need to get to a stronger mental place or the trip is off. This summer my motivation to get healthy, not only physically but mentally is going to so strong. I want this and need this experience.

I can’t wait for everything to start falling into place!