Goodbye Documents!

I finally had my doctors appointment today to get my health certificate done up! This was the last piece of information that I needed in order to be sent along with my contract to the DIRECCTE in France. This whole Au Pair process is not easy, and the French Consulate in Canada is honestly the hardest and most confusing government body I have ever had to deal with. They DON’T accept phone calls and then when you e-mail them with questions, they answer back with yes/no answers…. really helpful right? 


So anyways, it’s going to take a good week for these documents to arrive in France with my host family, then another 2 weeks or more to get stamped at the DIRECCTE. Then another week to come back to me… I AM VERY IMPATIENT.. so this sucks. I just want to know for sure I can book my visa appointment (which I have to fly 3 hours away to get to). Why they have one appointment office for 5 provinces beats me, but I guess it will be a good trip away for mom and I before I leave her for a year. 

I really want to book my flights as well but am unsure of what week i’ll be able to leave because of the wait time for the visa processing and such. I’m also finding that becoming an au pair in France is not as cheap as people may think it would be. Already I have paid $11 to send my documents to my host family. Then comes the rest of the fees. 

– $130 visa application 

– $500 flight to the office for my appointment for my visa 

– $20 passport pictures

– $ Xpresspost envelope to send with my visa application 

– $550 for 1 term of french lessons ($70 enrollment fee paid now)

– $1600 return flight to france

– $100 in extra luggage fees

– $200 food while away in Montreal 

And that’s just the beginning…. Oh well, it will be worth it in the end. This is the first step to an adventure that could and I hope will change my life and open my eyes to another world out there. One thing I am very grateful of is how amazing my host family has been so far. I couldn’t have done half of the things I have done without their knowledge and fast responses. 

3 months can’t come soon enough 😀



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7 thoughts on “Goodbye Documents!”

  1. I am in a similar spot like you. I was suppose to have my appointment at the French Embassy on Thursday and does not look like my documents will be here in time and the next appointment isn’t for another month. I am planning on leaving on August 20th too!!

    1. Woah that’s weird! We should defiantly meet up then when we’re there! Did you end up changing your appointment date?! and how long ago did you send them to the DIRECCTE?

      1. Yeah I did now until the end of June. The lady who does au pair stuff is out of the office this week. I will be in south France in a town called Toulouse. I emailed my information to them last week, my host mom gave me the impression that it does not take long for them to go through everything and approve it.

      2. Oh okay.. you’ve actually talked to someone about the visa? every time I try to contact them , no one answers or understands me. I also have to go to montreal though which sucks.

      3. I’m going through Atlanta and yeah I talked to people today to verify that I need the document from France to apply for the visa. Yeah it was weird, when I called they answered in French but then spoke English after I spoke.

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