Packing Meltdown

I’m currently sitting here at work and the thought of How am I going to Pack my whole wardrobe for a year into a small suitcase! I’m actually starting to panic a bit.. I will be in Europe for all 4 seasons meaning I will need literally everything.. Boots, jackets, shorts, tanks, sandals, mittens, hats, ahhh… 

I have so many clothes here that i want to take with me, there’s no way that I am every going to be able to choose.. and on top of it all, I am planning on going shopping after work meaning I will more than likely purchase more clothes.. I have been doing some research on what to pack when traveling to Europe, and Paris in general but really I am getting no wears. I am a girl from the country. I enjoy my lulu pants and my Birkenstocks.. how will I ever fit in with the Parisians style haha..

I can’t imagine dressing up every single day when my go to everyday look is a pair of jeans and my lululemon hoodie.

My everyday jacket I wear is a bright green north face jacket which looks to be considered unacceptable in Paris, as they all wear trench coats and blazers.. I don’t want to look like a total tourist the whole time I’m there. 

Does anyone have any suggestions on packing tips? 


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11 thoughts on “Packing Meltdown”

  1. I am the worlds worst over-packer! I try to focus on packing the basics because you can always dress them up or dress them down 🙂 You are going to have such an amazing time in Europe – I’m so jealous!

  2. I am going through the exact same thing right now (minus the issue for packing for multiple seasons luckily for me!). I am trying to focus on packing mostly basics like jeans, shorts and tees. Realistically, despite how Parisians are known for their style you also need to stick to what is comfortable for you especially when 80% of the time you’ll be working with kids. I am definitely going to throw in some nicer pieces too for going out at night however.

    1. I literally live in my lululemon gear here in Canada and that is really “acceptable” to wear in Paris I would imagine haha. I hate dressing up so I’m going to find it pretty hard! How big of a suitcase are you taking?

      1. I am bringing a 26″ suitcase! I’ve started packing and half of it is full of gifts for my kids already haha

      2. oh my! I have two 29 inch ones and then my carry on! what are you taking for gifts ?

      3. i brought 2 toys for each of the two younger boys, and a top, cute little backpack and headband for the older girl. plus i brought tons of cute little canadian themed things like stickers, press on tattoos and pencils. i brought the parents a can of maple syrup.

      4. Okay, I only have one 6 year old girl! I am thinking I will bring the parents maple syrup and ice wine. For the daughter I will take a bunch of canadian things like you did, some canadian based kids novels, and maybe a puzzle and stuffed moose.

  3. Layers, layers, layers, I’m having the exact same problem, but fortunately I spent last August-December in Geneva dealing with three seasons so I know what we’re up against! I’ll probably be living in jeans/jeggings/leggings, boots, and blouses with cardigans or sweaters. Comfy, kid-friendly, but still stylish enough for Paris! I do plan on packing lightly though- can’t move to one of the fashion capitals of the world for a whole year and not expect to come back with new things 😉

    1. okay thanks haha! What about boots? Should I even consider packing my uggs or just go with a riding boot?

      1. Haha that’s up to you- I can tell you that I didn’t see a single person wearing Uggs in the four months that I was abroad! They’d be good for use as house slippers though; I brought slippers to Switzerland and the floor at my host mom’s apartment got pretty cold so I was always thankful someone told me to bring them. I wore my riding boots everywhere, pretty much to death (might need to replace them before I leave if I can afford it), and people wear a lot of ankle boots too. Paris is rainy so make sure they’re water-friendly! Personally I’d rather waterproof a leather boot than deal with wearing wellies all the time.

      2. haha yeah I think I will leave them at home.. theres no way i’m fitting everything in one little suitcase.. ahhh what are you doing? DO you have a checklist?

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