After watching the price of flights to Paris rise over the weekend, I stuck it out and listened to every article that I found online about the best time to book flights being on a Tuesday. They were completely right in my case anyways. The one way flight to Paris in August with a 4 hour layover in Frankfurt was $530 last week, then spiked to $700 over the weekend and then today it was back down to $530 this morning. Let’s just say, I BOOKED MY FLIGHT ! I finally convinced my father that a one way ticket is just as cheap as buying a return so a one way it was!

A tip for booking flights! Don’t base the prices of flights just by looking at one search provider. I used several including, fligthhub, studentuniverse, statravel and finally came across ebookers. Ebookers was $70 cheaper for the same flight so DO YOUR RESEARCH!

I feel so relieved and less stressed now that I just did it without even thinking twice. I am so frugal with my money so to be able to just spend that much money on something must mean this trip is of importance to me. I’m sitting here at my desk wanting to share my excitement but sadly there is no one around, so I guess writing it will have to do for now!

What else have I been up to? 

  • I got in contact with Condor to discuss the baggage rules and it’s only $85 extra to bring a second checked suitcase of 50lbs so I have decided that I am going to do that because there is no way that I can pack for 4 seasons in one bag along with the gifts for my host family. Last weekend I went out and bought two 28 inch suit cases; one blue and one hot pink which i hope will be enough space! Anything is better than the little 25 inch one I was attempting to use before.


  • I have enrolled and received confirmation of my french lessons which I needed to do in order for my host family to be able to take my contract to the DIRECCTE in order to get stamped.
  • oh yeah, I graduated college, no biggie!

Now I guess I just have to wait (hopefully no longer than 2 weeks) for my contract to be approved and then wait again for them to mail it back to me here in Canada. Next step after that is to gather all of my necessary documents and stuff them in an envelope and send to the french consulate in Montreal. They finally got in contact with me and for some reason I don’t have to make an appointment, yet everyone else I have talked to has had to which kind of scares me. I guess it should be fine because I do have proof of the consulate in Montreal stating that it is okay to mail my documents so I will use that for reference.

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I'm a 23 year old travel addict, health coach and thriving foodie! Follow my journey of overcoming my eating disorder while traveling the world!

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