Sibling Bonds

I grew up as an only child for the first 7 years of my life, and then in 2000 I became a sister to not one, but 3 siblings! My sister was born in February and my brothers in November that year. The excitement that I felt about finally having the responsibility of being the “big sister” was incredible and i wouldn’t change that for the world. There are times when the thought of what it would be like if I had of gone through life as an only child come up, and when they do I instantly feel ashamed. Who wouldn’t want three beautiful siblings in their life? 

As the years progressed and they became more independent the tension and fighting grew, as it does with many siblings I’m sure but it never changes the fact that we are a family with an ever growing bond. I have been able to watch them grow from every word they said up to now when they are entering high school. I thoroughly enjoy being their older sisters and having the responsibility of helping out whenever I can. 

Being the oldest has its benefits, but boy isn’t it aggravating seeing your younger siblings not having to embrace the strict rules that you had to. It seems so much easier for them to do the things that I was always told “No” or had to really work hard to convince my parents to let me do. I mean, I wasn’t even allowed to hold a guys hand at 15 where my sisters had a boyfriend at 10. I do realize that the times are changing and kids are experiencing things a lot earlier than I did when I was growing up.  

Positives (for the most part)  of being the oldest

1. You get to experience a lot of things that your siblings may not get to do. I was able to go on a grad trip with my mom, which I can’t see happening for my siblings where they will all be graduating within a year of each other. 

2. For 7 years I had one on one attention from both of my parents which I hate to admit it, but made me kind of spoiled. 

3. I am able to be a role model for the 3 of them. I work hard in school and have always been an competitive athlete with many different sports. I see them doing things that I once did which is gratifying to say the least. 

4. I’ve been able to experience a lot of things on my own which I have taught to my older siblings how to do themselves. 

Sisterly Love

I can honestly say that I love my sister to death, and reflecting on our relationship these past couple of years It saddens me that I haven’t taken the time to spend more time with her. Here I am leaving the country for at least a year, and I will miss out on so many things in her life.  If i’m in pain she’s the first person I go to in any situation, as I hope that when she hurts she knows that I am there for her. 

I’ve found that our age differences made it hard to bond while we were both younger but now she is 14 and we seem to have more in common than ever. She’s blossoming into a beautiful young woman and I couldn’t be more proud.

We fight as any sisters do, but no matter how many times we scream and yell we will always be sisters no matter where our lives takes us.

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