10 questions of Paris

1. Why do women not wear bras, when they should? Hello people, they aren’t supposed to hang that low. 

2. Why are kids here allowed to pee in the park wherever and however they want? 

3. Why don’t people smile or say hi? Nothing can compare to the friendliness of Nova Scotians. 

4. Why is it simply normal to indulge in 5-10 macaroons at one time? ( not complaining) 

5. Why is bread served with every meal? I swear I have never ate so many carbs before. 

6. Why do people pay ridiculous amounts of money for items at specialty stores? I mean 5 euros for a spoon, or 5 euros for one pen? Dollarama, where you at? 

7. Why is coffee served so small? They say its expresso but it’s not even that strong! I need to drink 5 in order to make a small sized cup.

8. Why do my host parents insist on giving me wine at dinner? Heck, give me the bottle while you’re at it! 

9. Why are their gates enclosing every house? 

10. Why are there lights at street lights to tell you when its safe to walk if no one watches them anyone and just walks whenever? 


Every end is a new beginning

Goodbyes are never fun, especially when you’re as close to your family as I am.. I mean we all work at the same place for goodness sake! I didn’t get emotional until my family gave me their gifts on our drive up to the airport. Honestly looking back at old pictures of the 4 of us kids was more heartbreaking than anything but not because it as all about to change but how much we’ve grown and evolved throughout the years. My parents got me the best little memory box with a picture of us three on the cover but unfortunately I couldn’t take it with me because I didn’t want it to get ruined !

First stop was our last family dinner at the place that I chose which if you know me well enough you know that there must have been steak involved. We had a lovely meal at jack Astros in Dartmouth crossing, which was probably the best meal I’ve ever had to be quite honest! We were taking our time to get to the airport because here I thought that my flight didn’t leave till 10:40pm when a matter of fact it was 8:40 .. Yep i was one of the last 5 people to check in my bags .. Oh wouldn’t I like to know how many times I packed and unpacked that bag of mine. I was literally sitting on the floor at the airport taking things out and rearranging them into my carrying so I would be at the limit weight of 50 pounds. I lucked in and because they were so rushed he didn’t weigh my carry on so I ended up taking my huge hiking bag with me which was actually almost the same size as my checked bag 😁 I looked like quite the bag lady carrying around 3 bags through the airports and one bigger than i am.

My reaction when I found my seat on the plane was not the greatest considering I was a cranky tired mess, and I had the pleasure of sitting beside an also tired 4 year old boy. Yes, I do realize that I am going to au pair a girl relatively the same age but I just wasn’t in the mood. No sleep happened within those 6 hours but… I did get a full course meal consisting of yet another steak! Gotta love air plane food, oh and the unlimited free wine! Figured I might as well start on my wine streak as soon as I could.

I arrived in Frankfurt in the early morning and this was when I kind of started to feel uncomfortable because I honestly had never transferred flights in a small english airport before, let alone an extremely large and foreign one. Thank god for friendly staff, because within 10 minutes I found my way through the airport and on the shuttle and was sitting at my gate ready to go again. Something I did find weird was when I ordered an extremely small and overpriced coffee it wasn’t like our normal pot of brewed caffeine. It came out like a french vanilla from tim Hortons with foam which I now wonder if it was milk or not. either way I was in desperate need of coffee even if it was 4 euros.

Good thing about my second flight was that it was only an hour long, bad thing had to sit beside a very unpleasantly smelling lady. I don’t know why people don’t just slab on some deodorant but to each their own i guess. Upon landing it wasn’t hard to find my bags because i just followed the rest of the crowd. Of course my bags were the last to come off so I starting to panic a bit but I eventually got them. I found my host mom waiting outside the gates with a sign made by my cute little girl Perrine. I actually didn’t find it as awkward as I intended it to be with driving just with the mother all the way home, because it was about a 45 minute drive away. First impressions mean a lot, especially when you have absolutely no idea what to expect and I was thrilled!

I don’t think I have ever had such a warm welcoming before from a child meeting me for the first time. She was so excited and literally was screaming my name when I pulled up in the car! She was waiting patiently at home with her nanny who has been with her for her whole 6 years of her life, so I guess that’s where I come in to take over now that she is in school and doesn’t require full time attention. Anyways, onto the good things that followed. 

1. I had my first french pastry and it was actually homemade from the host mother! So flaky and delicious; will be getting used to this I can say. 

2. Went for an hour walk with the host mother around the town to get to see the local sights and the park.

3. Enjoyed my first Parisian supper with the girls which was so late.. I was starving let me tell you but this is normal for them. They don’t eat protein at supper time, just carbs and cheese because the daughter doesn’t like milk or vegetables.. lord help me haha. I have a feeling that I will be buying a lot of my own snacks because I am used to eating literally all day where as they eat just 3 meals and they are very spaced out. 

4. This will probably be the only time I praise the time I spent at universite sainte-anne… but thank you for teaching me enough to communicate with this child! She doesn’t know any English except a few vocabulary like colors and animals but somehow (like riding a bike) my french just came back and I was able to speak to the whole family in french. The confidence boost was pretty great I must admit. 

I don’t know why I wasn’t nervous for this adventure .Think about it… A 20 year old girl flying across the ocean to a foreign country not knowing anyone feels no change in emotion. I took this as a “I’m doing the right thing with my life” kind of moment.

Night readers, bring on day 2. 

5 days till departure!

Boy oh boy does time fly when you’re keeping busy. I remember when my countdown for Paris said 80 days till Paris and now its down to 5 ! A whole 5 days till this chick is settling into her new life in the city of love! Now if only I could find myself some love there, we’d be all set. 

Today marks the last day of work, so it’s been a pretty light day. The ladies took me out for lunch and gave me some swag from our college to take over with me! It’s going to be really hard to say goodbye to the people I have been working with all summer let alone my family! I’m definitely dreading the final goodbye at the airport.

Last minute things I need to do

1. Renew License! Mine is expiring next month so if i want to have a legal ID then I probably should try and get it renewed before i leave. 2 hours and 80 dollars later… 

2. Unlock my iPhone and get taken off my current plan. 

3. Photocopy all of my documents

4. Get euros from the bank. Having some cash on hand is always a good idea. 

5. Buy the Paris guidebook

6. Purchase another wall adapter. I realized that the one I have already doesn’t have 3 prongs so It would be useless for my laptop. Oops.

7. Download/Purchase eBooks. I love to read but obviously I can’t take a bunch of heavy books with me, so I should be downloading a few before I leave for the plane ride.

8. Buy an East coast lifestyle tank! I figured that this is essential when travelling abroad to showcase my east coast pride! 

9. Finish Packing. I swear this is the worst.