10 questions of Paris

1. Why do women not wear bras, when they should? Hello people, they aren’t supposed to hang that low. 

2. Why are kids here allowed to pee in the park wherever and however they want? 

3. Why don’t people smile or say hi? Nothing can compare to the friendliness of Nova Scotians. 

4. Why is it simply normal to indulge in 5-10 macaroons at one time? ( not complaining) 

5. Why is bread served with every meal? I swear I have never ate so many carbs before. 

6. Why do people pay ridiculous amounts of money for items at specialty stores? I mean 5 euros for a spoon, or 5 euros for one pen? Dollarama, where you at? 

7. Why is coffee served so small? They say its expresso but it’s not even that strong! I need to drink 5 in order to make a small sized cup.

8. Why do my host parents insist on giving me wine at dinner? Heck, give me the bottle while you’re at it! 

9. Why are their gates enclosing every house? 

10. Why are there lights at street lights to tell you when its safe to walk if no one watches them anyone and just walks whenever? 


Published by

The Mindful Maritimer

I'm a 23 year old travel addict, health coach and thriving foodie! Follow my journey of overcoming my eating disorder while traveling the world!

3 thoughts on “10 questions of Paris”

  1. #7 at least the coffee is usually ‘cheaper’ that what I am used to in Ireland!! When I was studying in Paris, the coffee was only 40c – you can imagine how many I drank each day!
    #8 Wine = water in Paris!! Just go with it 🙂
    Great blog by the way. Found you through Courtney Lynn – congrats on the Liebster!

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