My First Week as an Expat in the city of love

Honestly when I left my small own in Nova Scotia I was feeling like I was slipping int the life of a very introverted person. I became so accustomed to a routine and lifestyle of being alone all of the time and having the choice to do what I wanted to without having to be bothered by anyone else’s opinion or choices. Coming here, I wanted to change things and learn to enjoy others company and so far, I’ve been able to do just that.

I have met so many other au pairs from all over the world but unfortunately have not been able to find anyone from Canada as of yet. I actually don’t mind this because it’s so much more interesting to hear about the culture of everyone else.

It really is interesting to hear about the other girls host families and their children that they are looking after. I have realized quite fast that everyone’s situation is different regarding pay, hours worked, time off, and so on. So am i happy with the choice of this family?

In ways, I feel so blessed to have been welcomed into their lovely french home because they have taken me in as a daughter but at times I feel very over protected as an almost 21 year old girl. They have been constantly planning family things for us to do even on the weekends which should be my free time to do whatever I want but I almost feel guilty saying no because they are so kind to me. Advice from other au pairs has been that “Its okay to say no” so I’m going to try this next time. Sometimes I feel like this is all just a dream and i’m just waiting to be woken up from this lifestyle of luxury (or so some may say).

Benefits of being here opposed to at home

1. I don’t have to pay for a car or gas and was given a french metro card to get me around the city.

2. My meals are all prepared for me and we eat as a family at every meal. They do take a reasonably longer time to eat though which sometimes can be aggravating to say the least.

3. The mother does my laundry for me which thank god she does because I have no sweet clue how to use their coffee machine let alone their washer.

Things that I miss

1. Having my dad pay my cell phone bill. Yes I do realize that the time was coming anyways for me to enter the adult world but I was trying to hang onto this luxury for as long as I could.

2. MY CLOTHES. I hate having only a certain small collection of clothes here. I want my sweaters and scarves.

3. My curling iron doesn’t work here and I need to go and purchase a european one whenever I have a chance.

4. I am desperately starting to miss my family. I mean it’s not easy being away from people you’re used to seeing everyday.

Mini Rant of the day:

I am tired of the host father making me try foods that I know I don’t like. I’m sorry but I don’t eat fish, not because I don’t want YOUR fish, but I just don’t like it, nor am I a fan of pasta and once again it’s not your cooking.. it’s the meal in general. I find it offensive when they are forcing me food and get annoyed when I don’t want any. Everyone has preferences and things they enjoy more than others and I’m really not enjoying the constant eye rolling I am getting here when I politely refuse food.
I have tried more food in the past week that I hate more than I love.. but I must admit the baguettes are growing on me. I never ate bread at home, but here it’s a must!


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