Packing Regrets

I knew that coming here I would have some regrets on what I brought and what i left at home and thought I wouldn’t need. I think that the weather has had something to do with my poor choices in what I packed. One of the biggest challenges I am facing everyday is trying to properly layer clothes to last from the morning until night because when I leave for Paris from the suburbs I know I will not be able to come home if “i’m cold”.

I had the choice to pay an extra 90 Canadian dollars for a second luggage and I regret not doing it. I thought that I would be fine with what I had packed and would just buy more clothes here but honestly I want to spend my money on doing things and making memories than buying clothes just to fit in with the trend, or to keep my body warm…. This is defiantly something that I will use for my next trip if I ever go away for a year again.

What I should have left home

– curling iron. The voltage doesn’t work with my adapter so I had to go and buy one to make due for the year.

– Shorts. I brought 6 pairs for what? One month of summer , bring on the winter chills.

– Flip flops. Again, stuck in summer mode.

– My Green north face jacket. I feel more embarrassed wearing this rain coat here because in Paris when it rains you “wear” an umbrella not a coat, so I pretty much am a walking tourist with this on.

– my canon dslr camera which I have used twice in the month I’ve been here. My iphone is so convenient and I can use it pretty much everywhere I go!

What I wish I had of brought

– More wool socks! It has been so cold in their house at night and walking around the house isn’t fun in bare feet or thin socks.

– Sweaters and Cardigans. I already have a list of ones that I want in the stores because they are essential here for layering.

– Converse. I was so close to buying a pair in Maine at the outlets because they were so much cheaper but I figured that I wouldn’t have space in my suitcase so I would just buy them when I arrived here. BAD DECISION. They are double the price.

– leather jacket. Biggest, biggest regret. Everyone in Paris wears a leather jacket and I really don’t have any ambition to buy another one here when I have 3 perfectly good ones sitting at home in Canada.

– Scarves, because the only cheap ones are extremely touristy and I don’t think I want PARIS written across my chest.

Note on the weather here: it is very cold and chilly in hot he mornings meaning you need to wear a coat and then it’s like once lunch time rolls around summer is here once again and you’re dying if heat. This is particularly frustrating for me because I live so far in the suburbs that if I plan to go to paris for the day I need to pack two pairs of clothes or layer really well.

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