Lessons learned

For some reason it always seems like when you have the most fun or the best items there will be some sort of consequence that comes along with it. This past weekend i experienced my first glow in the dark party at a hostel in the 10th.. The night started off pretty bad to be honest because we started in bastille for so called happy hour.. Let’s just say being there 10 mins before means you will pay full price for your drink. 11 euros later and a gross drink down, we headed on our away to monoprix to find a bottle of 3 euro wine to get us.

In the mist of this adventure Julie my Danish friend and I came across a beautiful place in paris that we weren’t even aware of! It was canal St. Martin and was filled with people playing games and drinking beer and wine. The life that the Parisians live seems so carefree and beautiful.

I ended up drinking way too many different types of alcohol and then got lost on my way home at montparnasse. I ended up having to call a taxi because I was frustrated and it was 4 am in the morning so there went another 30 euros. After binging on baguette and sausage before crawling into bed.. I awoke maybe 30 mins later to find myself with my head in the toilet. I honestly have never been so upset and frustrated with myself in my whole life. Here I am supposed to be responsible enough to take care of a child and I’m throwing up in my host family’s house.
I literally looked like a hot mess. I was covered in glow paint and my hair was completely disorder. Thankfully the family was very kind and made sure that I was okay even though they shouldn’t of had to put up with me.

I spent the next day in bed until 1 then attempted to eat something and for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to venture into paris to get mcdonalds even though I hate it normally. I got some fries which ended up making me feel even worse so bad decision on my part so back to bed I went until 8pm. By this point i guessed the family probably thought I was dying or something, but they didn’t say much. Thank god the young girl is only 6 so she really didn’t understand what was going on.

In all many lessons were learned and I will not be allowing myself to drink that much ever again.. Honestly I still feel hungover and it’s day 2. Currently enjoying a cup of coffee at my one and only love starbucks. Yes I know I’m in france and I’m drinking an American coffee but I needed something a little bigger than hot heir small expressos.

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The Mindful Maritimer

I'm a 23 year old travel addict, health coach and thriving foodie! Follow my journey of overcoming my eating disorder while traveling the world!

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