The dreaded medical exam, but now I’m legally allowed to work in France!

Wing I applied to get my France visa I knew that one of the requirements would be to go to the ofii within the first 3 months that I arrived in France little did I know what the appointment entailed. I originally thought that u would just show up and have a “talk” about my time in France but nope! I had a full out medical examination. For all of you non european citizens coming abroad to work and needing this appointment prepare yourself for a long day full of lots of questions and examinations!

First thing I was made to do was the good old “Pee in a cup” ..

She was not having it when I told her that I didn’t have to pee so this was probably one of the more difficult things I had to do.

Then the nurse weighed me and took my height which was easy as pie obviously. Then you wait for the next doctor; it’s actually like a line of different doctors and nurses that do their own things to you. There was a young girl in front of me who spoke english so I introduced myself and come to find out she was an au pair as well, and living only 20 minutes from my area! Thank god we were able to pass the time by talking and getting to know one another, and now I have a new friend from this horrid experience. So bittersweet!

Following that I was taken into a room to examen my eyesight, of course I forgot my glasses so she just was shocked at how blind I was. Thank god I can speak enough french to get by that I was able to explain the situation.

Then came the fun part! I was told to undress and cover my boobs with my arm. I was directed into a room where a male doctor pretty much pressed me up against a machine and did some test thing and then it was over and I got dressed again. Defiantly weirdest thing I’ve experienced. Oh! And on top of it all, it’s another 58 euros to do this part of the immigration process!

Note to everyone going into this exam: read the list of every thing you need to bring with you to the appointment and if you don’t understand something, don’t just think you can say “well I don’t speak french so I didn’t know what it meant”. Tried that, I got no where with that and had to wait for my host father to send me a copy of his identification. Im actually shocked at the lack of english the workers at the immigration office spoke, considering the majority of the people coming in would not be fluent in french.

To all of the potential non european citizens out here thinking about coming to France to work, be prepared with the amount of work and money to involves. It’s not just a simple get up and go decision, there’s a lot of pre planning involved before actually being legally allowed to be in another country and work. Maybe it’s different if you were to go with an agency where there would be some guidance and help but to be honest I’m happy with my decision so far to go In it alone, and hey! I saved myself 700$ for the agency fee and have the satisfaction of successfully working abroad on my own!

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