Never assume ANYTHING with children

The past couple of weeks I’ve noticed that my relationship with the daughter has been increasingly getting stronger the more time we spend together; to be expected I suppose. I’m starting to actually look at her as more of a sister than just “the kids I babysit” because she’s much more than that. I thought that since we were getting along so we’ll I would surprise her with something so I asked her parents what she loved and they had pointed out on a map the apparent best bakery in paris that literally has one location.

So After wandering around the republique area, we finally came across the shop ” le pain et des idees” bakery which had by far the best smelling pastries I’ve had the pleasure of being around since in
Be been here. So my first impression was fairly high and the service was super! They were patient and kind which isn’t something that you come across everyday here in paris. I bought two blocks of “le pain des amies” for the parents and a pain du chocolat for the girl.

I felt so good after buying it because I thought “oh she’s gonna really love me now”

….. Yeah skip ahead to the moment when she’s patiently waiting at he they for her grande surprise and I bring out the pain du chocolat and she literally shows no reaction what so ever. She just doesn’t speak and then after a couple minutes starts to cry. At this point I’m extremely frustrated because there I went and spent half of my day finding a specific treat for her and she’s this unappreciative of it. Yes, I do realize she’s six but come on its a chocolate pastry!

After calling her father to figure out what the possibility could have been she finally opened up to me that she had a bad day at school. Apparently their was a child giving out candy and she only got 3 pieces when everyone else had 8…. END OF THE WORLD .

So here I was thinking omg .. This cant be happening , I really just wanted to laugh and say seriously. You should be happy I bought you the pastry which is 1000x better than a 5 cent candy, but I put on my grown up pants and showed her that I sincerely cared and at this time we had our first bonding moment. I could tell that she finally felt a sense of comfort that I wasn’t just her “au pair” and that I do care about her feelings. After a couple minutes of tears and many bisous to follow she was back to the little content girl she is foremost part of the time. I did however give in and offer her a candy from the cupboard that she is only supposed to have once a week .. Oops shame on me for using candy to heal pain, but it works.

Cheers, and remember don’t always assume that children are just being rude or mean for no reason at all.. Dig deeper and find out what’s wrong.


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The Mindful Maritimer

I'm a 23 year old travel addict, health coach and thriving foodie! Follow my journey of overcoming my eating disorder while traveling the world!

2 thoughts on “Never assume ANYTHING with children”

  1. This was such a heartwarming post to read! Kids are hilarious but it’s wonderful when you have such a connection with a child. I remember my au pair from when I was about 8 years old.. I loved her and only have fond memories, I wonder what she’s doing now!

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