Do not trust the American to pick the restaurant

Strolling around the streets of st michel looking for a good place to eat is actually harder than it may seem with all the choices but thankfully we had a recommendation to a small bistro haah at we decided to try. Yeah, let me rephrase that, I attempted to try.

First impressions were pretty good; lots of people, huge menu and the sparklers being brought out on top of desserts and rather large mugs of what looked like cola. Now with a big menu comes the hard part of choosing what to eat of course, but I opted for the vegetarian salad only because it came in a cute bread bowl. Yes, I am one of those people who buy food because it looks cute or as others would say, so I can be a foodie and Instagram it later.

Note: if you ask for water in Paris, don’t be surprised if they bring you one normal size glass meant to be split between everyone at the table. Apparently our water consumption in North American is abnormal to the french. That being said, we asked for more within a couple minutes but the waitress never ended up returning to deliver it.

I must say the service was fast, almost too fast. Our food as delivered and Grayson’s came out with a lovely sparkler for the “birthday boy” . First impression of my salad? Pretty amazing actually for a salad… Until about 2 seconds later when we all noticed the huge strand of black hand intertwined in the salad itself. I don’t know about y’all but I prefer my food without articles from other people in them.

I actually can completely understand the frustration of the waitress bringing food back to the kitchen because I’ve had plenty of I counters myself, but I’m sorry, if I’m in paris and I’m ordering french food, I’d like it without hair. After my plate was taken away, the smart guy sitting across from me says ” how will you know if they just take the hair out or actually make you a new one.. We should have poured salt on it” Now I was pretty sceptical that they would just do that but I figured I’ve give the restaurant the benefit of the doubt.

About 5 minutes later and my bowl is back! Looks delicious , they even added a container of this dressing.. But wait ! The hair Is still there, only moved about 2 inches to the left…

This is where frustrated Canadian girl comes out to play and when the plates taken again, I say I don’t want it anymore. I wasn’t hungry anyway but I really just wanted to prove a point that it’s really not expectable to do that. Yep , I was that bitch.

Needless to say, i got a free glass of champagne ( obviously in france they’re going to give you the cheapest possible thing for free to try and make it better). Not complaining though, it made for a good story. We even got to chat with a couple of women travelling from America who pretty much asked us for our life stories but hey! They were friendly which is something you don’t find all too often.




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