First day of classes round two

After showing up for class yesterday which actually wasn’t a class at all considering It as on tuesday and not thursday (oops) today I was sure I went an hour early.

Surpringly enought there were only 11 girls in my class which I’m so happy about because our other “cultural” class theres about 39 in a room made for 15. It’s hard to really “met” other students when they come either right on time or late for class but I ended up talking to this girl from Mexico, lord help me if I can an even pronounce her name let alone spell it. So she will go nameless for now but she was so nice, which is the most important thing right! I’m in level b1 so in my school that would be 3/4 for completing the french immersion program. This means absolutely no english which is actually more than fine with me.

After being at a french university for a year without having any english permitted I know how important it is to be completely immersed in the language in order to learn it, so if you wanna learn french , speak it! Find the confidence and even if you make no sense at all more than likely the person on the other end will understand what you’re trying to say and hey! They might even correct your mistakes for next time.

We took a visit down good old memory lane today and talked about the lovely mr and mrs vandertramp. To all who don’t know that expression it’s the irregular verbs that go along with passé compose. Exciting right?
My brain hasn’t hurt this bad in quite a while, yes I’m a sook and I’m not used to actually going to school.

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