Everything happens for a reason

Do you ever wander what your life would be like if you made one simple different choice.
Like if you had of taken the first exit instead of the second or chose a certain restaurant to eat a over another. Imagine the stories you wouldn’t have to tell or the people you wouldn’t have been able to let if you just simply chose a different path to take.

Maybe I’m just thinking to much but lately this has been on my mind and I can’t shake it off. What brought me to paris? Why did I chose this city to escape to?

It could have been the language, the family I found or the sole desire to venture here but look at the friends I’ve made and the experiences I’ve done already. If I had simply chosen another place in europe then I wouldn’t even know these amazing people or have been blessed with my host family. Life is all about choices some good, obviously some bad but we live and we learn or at least tha how I feel.

Last week after rain decided to literally rain on our parade my friends and chose to travel 20 mins to a bar because It’s inside and we didn’t want to get wet. There I met someone who really affected my life, in more ways than one. I don’t think I’ve smiled so much in my life from the night. The week followed with many more adventures in Paris and the smiles grew into a sense of complete happiness. I’ve always been told when you ind something that makes me happy never let it go. I’m not typically an emotional girl but let me tell you tears were shed as he jumped into his cab and took off. A decision that turned into a not an end to something but just the beginning.

What’s a choice you’ve made recently that’s led to something amazing?

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The Mindful Maritimer

I'm a 23 year old travel addict, health coach and thriving foodie! Follow my journey of overcoming my eating disorder while traveling the world!

3 thoughts on “Everything happens for a reason”

  1. I have been constantly singing the same sort of tune about my decision to come to Belgium. I actually speak Spanish and I’ve always wanted to learn Italian… so I thought these would be the places I would have ended up. Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be in Belgium, of all places!, trying to learn Flemish Dutch…. (a horribly ugly language). I still don’t know what it is exactly that is here waiting for me, but I have also met some lovely friends and I fit perfectly with my host family. It is strange to think back on all the applications from Italy and Spain and how quickly things could have changed! PS! I just booked a weekend trip from Belgium to Paris. I am ecstatic!

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