laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever

Tip: Do not trust the weatherman in Paris

Gotta love Waking up still intoxicated from the night before on the day you’re planning to go to Disneyland Paris for your birthday. First thought, it’s raining … Obviously assume it’s not gonna be a good day but hey we didn’t let the rain dampen our day. We roughed it and went anyways.

My first thoughts on the park was definitely how much smaller it was than disneyworld in Orlando. I knew it wasn’t going to be able to compare but I was still shocked at the size for being the only park in Europe, and without an Epcot park! What were they thinking!

First thing we did , went to shops, typical girls right. Actually we were just cold and needed to find somewhere inside to hide. Tried on the minnie ears yet didn’t buy any because we’re au pairs on pretty minimal budgets with priorities. it was cold so we bought mittens, again priorities.

It was raining and none of us had umbrellas or coats. Pretty responsible for being au pairs now that you think about it but we still kept a trucking towards the first ride of the day. Then we did the Pirates of the Caribbean which was very similar to the one in Orlando.

“Man does he get to just swing on a rope all day or what” said completely seriously by on of my fiends to a manakin swinging in the ride. Yep, she literally thought the character was that real, go Disney!

We were at the point of extreme hunger and needed to find a sit down place so we ended up at a concert hall and got to watch an ending to a dance group. Best part of lunch? getting a free coffee ticket for later in the day. You know you’re a coffee addict when…

10 min wait for space mountain? No question our decision on this one. Probably one of the best rides in the park.

We made the mutual decision that part Disneyland wasn’t going to be enough so we ended up checking out hollywood studios because
1. We all needed to go on the ratatouille ride.
2. Aerosmith = best roller coaster in the park.

First stop: obviously ratatouille where the line said 25 mins. Not bad right? Until the ride breaks just as we are first in line to get on and we wait another 30 mins for them to tell us it’s not going to be fixed for a couple hours. At least they gave us a fast pass ticket to use later on in the day which kind of evened out our anger.

Off to Aerosmith! In disneyworld Florida this was my favourite roller coaster! The music just adds so much to the ride itself and who doesn’t love listening to Steve Tyler’s voice.

We saw a line starting around a photo stop for the characters so being the kids we still are we got in que with the crowds of 2-4 years olds. Turns out it was woody!

At this point we were just freezing cold and in desperate need to use our free coffee ticket from lunch so we finally found a cafe and Julie my Danish friend has her first donut ! Poor girl has been missing out on our fatty food in North America.

After this we wanted to finish the hollywood studios so we ended up doing 3 rides in one hour.

“Today is a good day I met woody and had a donut” – Danish friend, Julie. God you’ve gotta love her!

Tip: if you’re able to go on a ride alone go in the single ticket line. You will save yourself so much time. Typically you’re screaming too much to really have a conversation with the person next to you anyways.

We were starting to hit the point of exhaustion and the numbness in our feet was still as painful as ever so we did one last ride, buzz light year. I can officially say I have no aim and I lost brutally against my Danish friend.

We ended the day with shopping at the boutiques for our host kids and families before catching the 35 min train back into paris. Overall a great day with an amazing group of girls and a birthday to remember!

Alexa cress





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3 thoughts on “laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever”

  1. Hey hey I just stumbled upon your blog and spotted pics of Julie, I know Julie! lol whereabouts are you in paris? (I hope you enjoyed your birthday!)

    mary x

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