Losing the fist tooth! – Reasons I love being an au pair

I walked to the school to pick up Perrine around 5 like I do every Tuesday, really not in the best of moods probably because of how exhausted i’ve been lately. I expected today to go the same as always. She passes me her bag, she begs for her gouter, she doesn’t talk to me because she doesn’t remember what she did during the day and then we walk home to be greeted by her rambunctious dog (or cat as I would call the thing). But NO, not today. Today was special.

Upon walking into the courtyard I saw her running towards me with her arms stretched open ready for me to embrace her into my own. She had a Kleenex crumpled in her hands which she then started to open and I stantly knew what today was.

“J’ai perdu mon premier dent!”

We both had been waiting for this day for a while as it was wiggly but I didn’t expect to be so excited when it actually happened. I couldn’t have been so happy and proud that I got to be the one there to pick her up and for her to present it in front of me.

Moments like these make me think back to when I lost my first tooth and how exited I was to share it with my own family. I’m finding that the more memories and events I’m able to experience with her in her life the closest our bond becomes. I’m able to be a big sister figure in her life that she wasn’t able to have before and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

Do you remember when you lost your first tooth?


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One thought on “Losing the fist tooth! – Reasons I love being an au pair”

  1. Dont remember my first one but I do remember the feeling that came along with losing teeth… what a weird feeling! But the coins under your pillow the next day was worth it. 🙂

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