So what does an au pair carry around in that big bag of hers anyways?

I started off thinking that I would only need a small bag to get me in and out of Paris each and everyday. Let me tell you how wrong I was!
First off when you think of how many things you use throughout the day and need to have with you from the time you leave until the afternoon when you come back the list starts to add up. Therefore I needed to expand my bag size because I literally spend typically anywheres from 5-10 hours away from the house on an average day and there’s things I know I will need while I’m out and about ( imagine that being said in the most canadian way possible) apparently I have a very canadian accent and I like to announciate my “ou”

Wallet. Pretty sure this is essential in any purse but you must carry change in case you need to buy your host child something along the way. Trust my a 5 cent candy does wonders with a crying child.

Lulu Snack Cakes: When it’s gouter time, you’d better be prepared to have the snack in your bag. I find the french children are accustomed to eating at particular times and need to eat exactly then they are used to. Also, pack a couple extra for yourself, because you’ll get hungry too and they taste amazing.
Headphones: do not try and do facetime in mcdonalds without headphones. Enough said.
Umbrella: The weather is paris has so far been unpredictable by just reading the daily weather so always be prepared. Kids don’t like to get wet and nor do I to be honest so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Oh, and yes mine is black because when in paris, look parisian.
Portable changer: I can’t stress enough how important this piece of technology is for me. With the horrible battery life of my iPhone (I think everyones iPhones to be honest) my phone goes dead before lunch time and good luck finding a plug in Paris to charge it. Really though, who would want to sit somewheres and charge their phone when they could do it while roaming around the beautiful streets anyways. I have to admit my charger is from a 24 pack of beer and i’m not ashamed, more proud to be representing my bud light from back home. It was free, and it works like a charm.
Cell Phone: Top priority in order to survive in the world we live in today. I use it to find my way around the city on a daily basis, check out places to see and do, and just to communicate with my friends. It’s also a great way to keep in touch with the host parens if anything goes wrong.Tip: Make sure your phone is actually charging the night before and that you didn’t blow a socket in the wall. Been there, done that x5.
House Key: Okay this is pretty self explanatory why this is in my bag.
Sunglasses. Oh and I don’t have just any sunglasses either.
Gum: if you know me well enough I’m the girl who always has gum but I really am not a fan of the stuff they have here so I’ve been opting for mentos or tictacs. By the way, the tic tac packages here are huge so be prepared to make space!
Ipad: I always try and bring this if I’m going to be in paris for a while so I can read or jot down things I think of during the day. I actually bought my bag specially so it would fit my ipad because it’s one of the things I use the most throughout the course of the day.
Mini water bottle: yep it has cars on it and no I’m not ashamed that it’s made for 3 year olds. It’s the perfect size and at my school I’m able to refill it for free!
Not pictured but very important – Wine opener: you never know when you’ll need one of these especially in paris! I’m pretty much expected to have it now when we have picnics so it’s a necessity in my books.

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2 thoughts on “So what does an au pair carry around in that big bag of hers anyways?”

  1. Funny you post this because I was just thinking about how essential my essentials are now in my big bag… it’s a magical “nanny bag” (we are just like real life Mary Poppins!) I have found that I ALWAYS need to carry a pen or two and those small packs of tissues for runny noses!

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