The moment when you’re officially part of the family

Yesterday marked a big day for the comfort I guess you could say that I feel with this family and Perrine in general.

Perrine was playing with an older boy at the park as always when he asked her who I was. She described me as being her grand soeur which means big sister to all you english folks. I didn’t say anything but continued to listen to their conversation. Once the boy figured out that I really was her Jeune fille au pair he told her that I wasn’t her real sister. You could see the sadness in her face as she thought about what he had said because realistically he was right; I wasn’t her real sister at all. Later that night when we were having our daily talk as a family during dinner she explained what had happened at the park and I could see the tears form in her mothers eyes when she said the words big sister. She explained that I am her God Sister and compared me to her God Grandparents that aren’t related to her by blood but she still considers to be family.

Now the question becomes what determines being a sister?
– I choose to spend my free time with her
– I get to wake up on weekend mornings and enjoy pancakes with real maple syrup with the family
– I’m there for her when she cries
– when kids are mean I get to be the big bad sister and are sure she’s okay
– when she falls, I pick her up
– She allows me to do her hair which only her mom was allowed to touch before
– most importantly I’m allowed to play and move her littlest pet shop animals. Not just anyone is allowed to even touch them. Big deal right there!

So why shouldn’t I be considered her big sister if she wants me to be?

I grew up as an only child for the first seven years of my life so I can relate to a lot of what she goes through on a daily basis and the reasons why she does certain things. Thankfully my parents were able to present me with three siblings that following year because being an only child does have disadvantages. I’m thankful that I’ve been accepted into this family and to be able to share my love with this child that wouldn’t have it any other way. I see so many of my own qualities in her even at the young age that she is and can’t wait to see her grow throughout this year.

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7 thoughts on “The moment when you’re officially part of the family”

  1. Alexa, you are so blessed to have found this family. We enjoy reading your blogs. Keep them coming and enjoy your time there. Cheers Loretta & George

  2. This is very sweet! She sounds like a sweetheart and it’s so sweet that she considers you her sister. I think you’re very lucky to have found that family.
    Cheers from Mexico!
    (A soon to be au pair in Germany)

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