Wine Tasting in France – Check!

When your family offers you tickets to a wine testing expo, take them! Apparently yore suppose to just “taste” the wine than spit it out but what fun would that be? Julie and I left around 3 and were feeling a great sense of intoxication by 4:30, but thankfully there was not only free samples of alcohol but food too!


It was a little bigger than I had imagined 

So the real question did I buy anything , me being so fugal with everything?

Yep! I caved and no not because I was intoxicated either. We ended up coming across a stand that wasn’t on my list of “must taste” wine , generously given to me by my host dad. A63 was the number , and it’s probably one j won’t forget. The man selling the wine was an older gentleman but took a different approach when trying to pawn off his wine. He proactively asked us to try t for one which didn’t happen at any other places . This being said we were two young girls who many people would assume weren’t going to pay money for a good bottle of wine; we sure showed them. Anyways after we explained our life stories, or quite frankly why two Canadian and Danish girls were at a wine expo, he started pouring wine into our glasses. After a quick swish he dumped them out. Here I was thinking , what a waste but he wanted to make sure we tasted only his wine. Then he started with his cheapest wine and so forth until he got to the one named Louis.. Which we found out was named after his son. IMG_7140

oh aren’t we just the cutest!

His wine may not have been the so called “best” wine there, but the way he chose to make his sale to us was enough for me. I really don’t know how anyone can say one wine is better than another anyways considering we all have our own preferences with taste.


I’m having a hard time deciding if i’m now a red wine lover, because the white there was amazing!

After we felt like we had enough wine and champagne we headed to the food area where of course there were free samples. Julie and I are pretty much champions when it comes to snagging free things or so it seems. If you liked foe gras you would have been in heaven, for us not so much.

I give Julie credit for carrying around 5 bottles of wine, when I only had 2 because they are not the lightest accessories that’s for sure. We than headed to my first Danish Christmas market and tried typical danish Christmas cookies and boy were they ever good! They reminded me of our gingerbread men that we have at home, but smaller and even spicier! 


My favorite Dane 

We ended our Saturday a lot earlier than we normally were, but that being said we had a very busy day full of lots of laughs and A LOT of wine. Finally after three weeks I’ve been at the camps d’elysses at night time to see the amazing lights that everyone has been boasting about! They are AMAZING and really prove the fact that Paris is known as the city of lights. I’ve never seen such a beautiful sight. IMG_7164

Even the best fall down sometimes… some more than others

Waking up this morning reminded me of why i don’t drink often let alone during the week when i have to work at 7 the next morning. Let’s just say trying to dress a kid, brush her teeth and feed her while working on 4 hours of sleep is not an easy task. No regrets of course as I’ve learned to take every opportunity possible and last night I sure as well did that.

Unlike the majority of people suffering from the morning after a night out or simply a “hangover” I decided to try and make it a good day. I made myself a huge bowl of oatmeal, a cup of coffee and found an Advil before setting off for Paris.


Thursdays are the day i usually put aside to roam Paris alone because like everyone I need my me time.  Every week I will pick a station that I haven’t been to before and get off and wander the streets to see what I can find. Today, I hit the jackpot; literally a bakers heaven.IMG_7058IMG_7061

sprinkle heaven!

covered passages 

I’ve decided that I will be enrolling in an advanced business French class for the next two semesters which is a whopping 1100 euros, kill me now. The plan for today was to go to the school to pay and save my seat for the course which I successfully did, only to find out after that there are only 2 of us enrolled right now and the class will not run unless there’s at least 6.

CHANGE, i hate change.


I left the school not on a particularly happy note being forced with yet, more decisions.IMG_7054

Christmas trees are so tiny here!

THEN, if it wasn’t bad enough the first time when I got pushed down in Paris, It happened yet again but this time my phone flew from my hands and the screen… shattered. Happy Thursday to me. There I was in tears over a phone in the middle of Paris. Yes, I cried. My iPhone has become such a central part of my life so seeing it completely broken didn’t go over too well. Then I got harassed by a man who had the nerve to tell me that I shouldn’t have my phone out in public.

Thank god I still had the ability to call people because I needed to talk to my parents, bad. Thankfully I have the most amazing father and mother who were able to calm me down even being in another country and reassured me that life will get better.My phone = my communication with my family therefore an essential part of my life here.

Here I am ranting about something that really is so minor in life when I should be thankful I even have a phone in the first place or the fact that I’m living in Paris. Theoretically my day was not that bad at all to be honest compared to what it could have been, but it was out of the norm which really throws me off. I feel so selfish now about my reaction to this day, it’s thanksgiving for gods sake and I have so many things to be thankful for in this life I’ve been given.

Above everything, i’m so thankful for my family and how much support they have provided me with throughout the years. We often bypass the importance of a strong family bond but it’s essential in my opinion. They’ve put up with my nonsense as every parents do but more than that they’ve created a vision of who and what I want to be someday. My father and my mother are the top two role models in my life (both for different reasons of course) and I’m just praying I turn out half as successful as they have been.IMG_7068So the real question is how do you do starbucks?

Happy thanksgiving my american readers!

Decisions will be the death of me

I’ll admit it, i’m a perfectionist. I always want to know what i’m doing next and hate change. Of course, I’ve had to step outside of my comfort zone a little bit, okay A LOT, since being here in Paris. I am never 100% of what i’m doing from one day to another which has been a huge change for me, but definitely a much needed one. As I’ve learned the hard way, life isn’t perfect as much as I would love for it to be, and for everything to also work out as planned.

Here I am with about eight months left of my time here abroad and i’m already thinking of “what’s next”. This could be a negative thing of course because when I think, i tend to over think which leads to stress and as we all know, stress is never good. Logically speaking I should at least have an idea of where I want to go when I’m finished, let alone what I want to be doing there. There’s so many questions and decisions to make and yes, I realize that I still have a long time until I make the final move, there’s a lot of preparation that needs to happen in order for some of those choices to even be possible.

Up until today I was dead set against taking another semester of french lessons after Christmas. For one, they are 500 euros every 10 weeks, secondly,I didn’t feel that I’m learning enough in my classes as it is. Of course there’s always something that will make you second guess your decision.  Today in class we we were informed of a professional french class aimed at students that want a more advanced class leading to a certificate in the end which is recognized worldwide. Considering I have an education in the finance industry this could be extremely helpful, but is that really what I want with my life?

How am I supposed to know.

Stats show that people change jobs 5-7 in their lifetime so at least this gives me hope that even if it’s not what I “want” I’ll eventually get there.

Maybe I’ll go back to university or open a bakery but the unfortunate thing is that the only person that can decide that is simply me, and I have no answer. I need to keep my head up and my options open because I am not going to let myself fall back into the stressful life I was living, when really there was no stress needed at all. I tend to get caught up in trying to always make the right choice, which I’ve learnt is not always possible because who can declare the correct choice in any given situation anyways. I have dreams as does anyone, and yes some are unrealistic but this path i’m on currently had definitely given me faith that when you let go and just live, you’ll find happiness which is what we all should want in the end. I’ve grown up watching so many people around me living their lives in an atmosphere that they aren’t happy with and I’m determined not to let myself fall onto that path.

So my decision? I still don’t a direct answer which must mean that I have yet to find what I came here for. Time will tell all.

How to successfully teach children a second language

Learning another language doesn’t come easy, for a grown adult that is, so imagine trying to instill it into a child with the attention span of Sid from Ice age.

Children learn differently than adults and grasp concepts when they enjoy what they are doing. Think about when you were young and the ways that you enjoyed learning, whether it be in the classroom or in your everyday life. For me, that would have been playing games, singing songs, making arts and crafts, and cooking. Once you figure out what it is that your “student” enjoys doing than it will be 100 times more effective for both you and them.

The number one thing that you have to remember is to be patient with them. Put yourself in their position and remember that you too were once a child and your mentality was not where it is today. Start slow and focus on the little things before jumping into more complicated subjects.

For example: Don’t expect the child to understand a sentence before reviewing individual words or the alphabet for that matter.


Kids like technology especially Computers, phones and tablets. Thankfully we have been blessed to have access to applications and software’s that provide aide in learning languages.

Duolinogo was the first application that I found when actually learning the French language myself and then was able to use it in reverse to teach English. It is a great tool in order to learn the basics of the language but may require more support from the teacher as it can become complicated as the levels increase. I find that the children enjoy the satisfication of completing a level giving them a desire to continue “playing the game”.

Pilo Pop is another application made especially for younger children who may not have the interest or attention span for Duolingo, for example. It challenges the learner to use the correct pronunciation when saying the words indicated in order to pass to the next level. For my host child the accomplishment factor is a huge asset, as I’m sure it is among many children.


In my own situation I know that as soon as I include any sort of song into our lesson, my “student” is 100% interested in what I’m attempting to teach her. She loves music so I know how important it is to make sure she is actually attentive to what I’m explaining.

Try and find songs that are both educational but also of interest to the child. A great way to start is with the alphabet and then nursery rhymes which are typically spoken slow and easy for the child to understand. During seasonal holidays I like to include traditional songs into our lessons but in English. I’m been very fortunate to have been supplied with my books that include CD’s pertaining to the activities as well as traditional children songs in English.


If you’re able to get your child away from an electronic game then bring out the old school board games and try and introduce vocabulary in English throughout the game. A great one that I have found is Guess Who or Qui Est-Ce. When playing this game, be sure to ask questions in English which are repeated helping the brain to memorize certain phrases and words pertaining to the game. Bingo is also a great choice when learning vocabulary and can be fun as well. The great thing about the world we live in today is that all of these resources are readily available online typically free of charge or are simple enough to create yourself.


Try and find bilingual books where you are able to read the same story in both your native language and theirs. Another good option would be to find activity books where the children are able to essentially have fun while doing activities throughout the story they are reading. Make sure the stories are not too difficult when beginning or the child may become frustrated and disinterested in what you are trying to accomplish.

From personal experience I’ve noticed that kids are uninterested in listening to a book where they aren’t able to understand frankly anything that is being told. Don’t be discouraged if the child has no interest in listening to you read them a picture book even if you may think that it’s simple. Grasping a language takes time and starting off with a story isn’t typically the most effective way to grab their interest in learning.

You can find the book I find most effective by clicking here. 


Try incorporating activities where the child is able to be involved in the creation of something where you can point out objects in English. For instance painting is a great activity where you can use the different colors as a way to incorporate vocabulary while having fun at the same time. If you aren’t already on Pinterest I suggest you create an account because you will be able to find endless, and I mean ENDLESS ideas and activities to do with just about anyone. Be aware though, it’s addicting!

So there you have the most successful methods I’ve been able to use in order to teach french to my host child. Being an au pair is one thing and having the responsibility to also teach a second language to someone can be a difficult taste. Be patient, be aware of how the child leans best and most of all have fun!

Saturday Grocery Runs & Christmas Market

Once again, I didn’t have any specific plans for the day other than the bi-weekly grocery run with the father. This is something that I actually look forward to. I get to choose food that I want to eat and we speak English the WHOLE time. Apparently he says it’s his “learning” time, which is fine by me. I woke up to a knock on my bedroom door around 8:45 and we were out of the house and on our way by 9. You can probably tell I don’t take a long time to get ready, and since becoming an au pair it’s decreased even more.

After the horrible congested experience at Auchan we enjoyed an expresso together at Illy. I must admit their coffee is probably one of my favorites here in Paris that I have tried; it being an italian chain could be why. I’ve been told time after time again that the coffee in Italy are the best by my 6 year old professional coffee drinker, so she must be right. We ate lunch together as a family which isn’t something I normally do on saturdays but I’m sure glad I did. It reminded me of a thanksgiving dinner in a way actually which seems to fit with the american holiday being next week and all. I even had a chance to try a fruit which I had never seen or heard of before, called a lychee.

By far, my new favorite fruit. 

I knew I had to be back to babysit for 6 pm so at the late hour of two in the afternoon I headed into Paris with my camera and no set destination in sight. I got off the train and had a choice of 4 metro lines to take and ended up choosing the one I use the least often to change up the scene a little bit and see where it took me. I got off where the rest of the travellers did which just so happened to be in the middle of the Christmas Markets. My love for this holiday is just too much to stay away.

I ended up walking the whole circle this time and smelled so many wonderful foods. Seriously though, I swear the food is the best thing about the market. EXCEPT the horrid smells of Raclettes.


A raclette is a swiss cheese dish where you scrap off the melted part as it is being heated. Apparently they are to die for, or so says my host family but gosh the smell really turned me off. I think I chose I good time to go as there wasn’t a lot of people there during the day. Let me rephrase that because there definitely were A LOT of people there, but compared to at night where you literally can’t walk two steps in front of you, it was great.

I was amazed by the outdoor skating rink and really wished that I had of tried it out. Guess I’ll have to go back, darn. It’s so different to be able to rent skates which you can’t do in my little town in Nova Scotia where everyone has their own pair.


Ended the day with a much needed treat.

IMG_0386Belgium got my addicted to these waffles, there just no going back to my aunt Jeremiah mixes now.

So this is what growing up feels like

it’s Friday night and i want nothing more than to stay at home with my host family enjoying unlimited glasses of wine and talking the night away about nothing in particular.

I feel old. 

Not even 2 months ago I would have wanted nothing less than to jet out of this house as soon as the parents got home from work, and now everything has changed. This is not to say I don’t love a good night out with friends but I’ve learned to appreciate other things in life that are also important to me.

This family has not only accepted me into their house but has taken me in as one of their own children. I finally feel like a part of this family and not just their employee.

I look forward to nightly routines of setting the table together while enjoying champagne then diving into the red wine when supper is ready. I must admit the conversations we come up with are often bizarre and random but that’s what makes it so enjoyable. For me, I need balance in life in order to be happy. Balance having a safe and secure home setting while also having the ability to be sociable with friends and enjoy what this year has to offer.

As many young people (and older, who am I kidding) I love going out and having a few drinks with my friends.. okay, when we go out there’s usually more alcohol involved than a few but hey, I’m 21 that’s what i’m suppose to do. That maybe happens once every two weeks if i’m lucky which is fine by me.

So you may think why wouldn’t you go out on your nights off, right. I could sit here and write plenty of “excuses” as to why I’m not partying this year away but I don’t feel an explanation is needed. We cannot be defined by certain actions that we portray in our life as we’re always changing whether be for better or worse. Before coming to France I always felt that I had to be involved in everything that me peers were doing even if it wasn’t something that appealed to me. Let’s say I was to miss out on a night out during the weekend because of prior commitments, it would’ve just killed me knowing that my friends were there having fun and I was missing out, therefore creating a tension towards what I was actually doing instead.

Than it finally clicked in this little brain of mine that

First, One night is not going to change my life significantly Secondly, I'[m going to feel a heck of a lot better than they will tomorrow morning. Thirdly and foremost, I’ve learned that being happy relies on how you interpret what you’re doing.

Once I focused on what I wanted to do myself and accepted my decisions I’ve become a completely different person. When I say completely, I seriously mean my demeanor has shifted from negative to positive. Okay, i’m not happy go lucky 24/7 but I truly believe that I’ve finally found a sense of satisfaction in my life where i’m able to be at ease with any decision I make.

Vanilla Beetroot Pancakes – winning the way to a childs heart

If you’re an au pair in France more than likely, like me you dread Wednesdays. Why the children need half (or sometimes the whole) day off from school is beyond me but it doesn’t look like its changing anytime soon.

On these days I usually plan on relaxing after I taking her to school for her whole 3 hours of learning, instead of attempting to go in Paris. For me, relaxing means baking, and that’s exactly what this morning consisted of. I received my protein powder order within 3 days of placing the order from My Protein France so I figured protein pancakes were on the menu for this morning.
You might ask why I’m filling myself with protein powder when i’m far from a bodybuilder or even exercising enough to need it, but my family here doesn’t eat a lot of meat which is typically how I get the majority of my protein. Nevertheless, I love baking with this powder so it gives me a chance to incorporate it into my diet of unlimited baguettes and cheese. When I say unlimited, I truly mean that we’ve NEVER run out in the past 3 months since I’ve been here.
Since it’s almost Christmas I figured that it was essential to bring out the holiday cheer in my breakfast, mainly because pretty food tastes better (agreed?) There was absolutely no food colouring in this house so I opted for beets, yes the vegetable, to add some colour to my stack. Being in France has been tough baking and cooking wise and have had to substitute ingredients in essentially everyone of my recipes.
Vanilla Beetroot Pancakes
Serves: 1
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 1/2 cup instant oats
  • 1 egg
  • 1/4tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 cup fromage blanc (greek yogurt works as well)
  • 1/4 cup shredded zucchini (optional)
Preheat a non-stick pan on medium heat with olive oil (Thankfully we also never run out of this either here). Whip you egg until fluffy and then incorporate the dry ingredients into the batter. If you find that it is too thick add milk or water to a thinner consistency.
Seperate the batter into two bowls and add 1/4 cup of minced beet to one of them. Pour the batter onto the pan into your desired size. I wanted a taller stack, therefore my pancakes were smaller than normal. BE PATIENT. This step is probably the hardest for me to be honest. Flip once you see bubbles and cook on the opposite side.
Once all of your cakes are done, layer them and top with more greek yogurt and of course don’t forget the chocolate shavings! Apparently these little chocolate pieces are consider “hot chocolate” here, who knew!
Voila! Enjoy those pancakes!

three months down, seven to go

So I have officially been in France now for 3 months, that’s a whole 90 something days. I know that everyone always says that time passes faster than we think, and I can fully understand why that would be. Comfort wise I feel like it’s been a lot longer since i have been living this life I am now, but psychologically it feels like it was just yesterday that I was home waiting tables at my family restaurant.

A lot has changed in these 3 months and I’ve learned a lot about who I am as a person, but also a lot about how the Parisians live on a daily basis. I know that i’ve changed, i mean how would if have been possible for me not to. I feel as if it has been for the better, as I see these travel and experiences have made me more independent, more appreciative and a heck of a lot happier in general. Even though I “thought” I was 100% happy being at home in my daily life, i only felt that way because I had yet to experience anything better.

I though that I would lay out some of the current thoughts that are going through my head as I enter my fourth month abroad in Paris.

1. I came here absolutely hating red wine, and now I prefer it over my beloved white. Sorry white wine lovers but there’s just something about a rich bodied red. It could be the difference of how I consume it considering now I see wine as not just another alcohol but an addition to a meal.

2. I have become picky when it comes to baguettes. Not every bakery makes a good fluffy stick of bread let me tell you. If you’re in the city and want to try a good one check out the chain Paul, its cheap and always fresh!

3. I miss my cheap coffees from Tim Hortons. They try here , but they just aren’t the same. Thankfully I’m a lucky girl and got a cup while in New York.

4. Cheese is SO much better here. I hated cheese before I came here and now I can’t stop eating it, especially Comte. I am also becoming an expert of cheese thanks to my knowledgeable 6 year old teacher. Comte is by far the best cheese I’ve had and placed between a fresh baguette is to die for!

5. I’ve found a love for children again. Before coming here I was set on never having children and my tolerance was little to none. so you’re probably thinking why i chose this job then right, well I think that what I’ve already gotten from it is enough reason.

6. My french has gotten immensely better over these past three months and my confidence of having conversations has risen beyond belief. The other night I was actually the translator between a Parisian and an English speaking Australian which was pretty confidence boosting I must say.

7. I have given up on curling, straightening or styling my hair during the weekdays. The Parisians just seem to let their hair go natural, so why wouldn’t i create less work for myself. That and the fact that I also blew my curling iron with their outlet, oops.

8. My relationship with my host family is amazing (knock on wood) and I really enjoy spending time with them as they consider me a daughter figure in their family. It seems as if there is always a need for wine or champagne at the dinner table which I have no complaints with.

9. I miss my kitchen terribly. I’m more frustrated here not being able to bake as much as I used to, mainly because I don’t have access to the ingredients and time in the kitchen as I’m so busy.

10. I need to invest in a pair of rain boots because my umbrella just isn’t cutting it. Oh, and might I mention that this is my second umbrella because my first one broke in the whole “getting pushed by a beggar on the street” incident my first month here.

So after spending three months abroad I’ve definitely had the opportunity to learn lots and experience quite a number of things. I’m slightly embarrassed to say that I have yet to visit a museum here in Paris, but mainly it’s because I have been waiting until the temperature is too cold to be outside.

How I know I’m doing the right thing

When talking to people, and i mean literally anyone in general, the majority of them will say their biggest regrets in life had to do with either not travelling or  taking opportunities when they were presented. Let’s just say I didn’t want to have those regrets later on in life where it would be impossible to reverse my decisions.

Currently I’m at a point in my life where:

1. I don’t have kids
2. I’m not married
3. I don’t have a career

For me, it seemed like the perfect time in life to travel and see places I had anyways dreamed of but never had the opportunity to go. Typically travelling abroad for a year isn’t just a decision you make in the course of a second, but for me on the other hand it was pretty instantaneous. I had nothing holding me back.

When I originally told people I was going take a break from “the real world”, whatever that may be, I had a lot of people that doubted my decision to travel for the year. They would say “but you are throwing away your education” or “Why aren’t you going into banking, if that’s what you took”.

First off, my education isn’t going to be magically taken away from me and will still be there when I get back. Second, I’m only 21 years old and I don’t know if that’s even what I want to be doing for the rest of my life.

A spontaneous decision like this required me to make sure that it was a smart one before leaving for a year.

Smart meaning

  • I will have enough funds to get me through the year
  • I will want to travel which also requires money
  • I want to pay my student loans off before I leave
  • I’m going to get something out of this year

Of course there was more, but mainly I wanted to make sure I felt comfortable while being in France, and for me having financial security is a huge comfort blanket. Something that has been instilled in me ever since I was a young girl, was to save money for a rainy day; better said by my grandmother who I know is where I get my frugal habits from. I thought that maybe this experience would be that rainy day that I had been waiting for all these years and that’s exactly what I did. I didn’t come here without financial means in order to support myself as I knew that it is impossible to live on an Au Pair salary. Okay maybe not impossible, but in order to actually experience Paris and Europe in general to it’s full potential, 90 euros a week wasn’t going to cut up. I mean, this girls gotta eat too somewhere in there and we all know food isn’t cheap.

Before coming here I was surrounded by my peers and often felt a sense of having to do as they were doing; as in follow the path of school-university-career. Once I finally made the spontaneous decision to make a change in my routine life, I saw that there are other paths and options apart from the one we all think is the “normal” or “safe” one. So many of us choose to remain in the same lifestyle for so long for the purpose of what? There’s so much out there in the world just waiting for people to discover.

I also believe that you learn so much while travelling, or at least I know I have already since I’ve been here these short 3 months. I don’t just mean that I have learnt another language either. I’ve had the chance to figure out more about myself than ever before through travelling, meeting people, being immersed in a french lifestyle and discovering independence.


What have you learnt while travelling? 

Yep I’m an au pair, and I’m proud of it

When i get asked what the heck I’m doing in paris, I’m not ashamed to tell the truth. I may be making less money than i’m spending in a week but i’m having the time of my life. Like anything in life, there are times when i truly hate what i’m doing and want to quit but the good times i’ve already experienced outweigh all the negative aspect. Not once have I been ashamed when saying what I’m doing in Paris because

1. I’ve never been this happy

2. There are more perks to this job than many may think

3. I’ve met friends that I would never have been able to meet if it wasn’t for being here in this situation.

I’ve taken on the role of a big sister to a little girl who wasn’t given the opportunity to have one which is something I can say i’ve had enough experience with and am more than happy to be able to do it again.
There’s a lot of responsibility that comes with this job. I mean, my host family has put complete trust in me to watch over their only pride and joy in life. I am responsible for her when they aren’t around no matter what trouble she finds herself getting into, its under me. Hiring someone to watch your child from across the ocean without knowing theoretically anything about them or their past is not something that I would want to do that’s for sure.
Imagine the experience I am going to get out of this year when I’m finished. For one, looking after a child requires a heck of a lot more work than many might think. I’ve been put in the position of essentially a third parent figure which is also been great practice for when I have children of my own. I am ale to learn another language while also teaching my own to someone else (with difficulty of course). I must say that being immersed in a city where the language you are learning is prominent, it’s a lot more effective.
I’ve not only been able to create a relationship with my host family but I have had the opportunity to met so may others from all over the globe. With the help of social media there has been constant events put on for other au pairs and expats in general in Paris which makes it easy to mingle. I’ve met friends that I will keep for life and would never have met unless I had taken on this job, which brings me back to believe that everything happens for a reason.
There’s no crying to mommy and daddy when I need something here in Paris. These past three months I’ve had to do things that I should have been doing myself probably a long time ago but relied and took their help for granted. Long gone are the days where Mom would buy my shampoo and shaving cream or the daily coffee; or several. I’ve learned that things in life do not come easy or cheap for that matter, and surprisingly i’m okay with this fact. At one point or another we all have to grow up and face these facts and I guess that this was mine.
With every job i’ve done there has always been some sort of fun that has come along with it. Throughout the week I get to come up with activities and games to entertain her  which end up being fun for me as well. Who doesn’t love getting paid to play with children right? Another aspect of fun with this job; I get to wander around one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
I defiantly chose the right country in terms of location and accessibility to other countries. France is in a very central part of Europe and already, within the two months I have been here I’ve traveled to Rome, Amsterdam and Brussels within a matter of hours. I was even lucky enough to venture back across the ocean to New York; who would have guessed. There are so many forms of transportation here which is something I’m not used to having the access to. We have one bus that would pass my house every hour where as here, they come and go every 5-10 minutes.
Simple Joy
There’s no better feeling than the bond you can have with a child of course once you gain their respect. Every morning when I wake up I look forward to running downstairs to receive my morning bisous from my petite soeur.