I want to wake up in a city that never sleeps; oh wait, i did.

You may think why is someone from Eastern Canada currently living in Paris jetting off to New york for 3 days. Yeah, I guess when you logically lay it out like that, it sounds a bit odd. When faced with opportunities , i grab them. I’ve been extremely lucky to meet an amazing guy and had the opportunity to see him for the weekend, which i’m so thankful for. I don’t even think that the term amazing guy is sufficient enough especially for someone who can make me feel on top of the world as frequently as he does, but anyways you get the drift; I’m a lucky lady.

I got up early Friday morning because like the start to everyday I get to take Perrine to school and figured I would just head tot he airport form there. This was my first time fling out of ORLY and I really had no clue how to even get there from the metro, but thankfully my French skills allowed me to ask for help and within 35 minutes I was there safe and sound. I was told this airport was the “small” one compared to Charles de Gaulle so when I felt instantly lost upon going through the doors, my confidence went soaring down. I asked for help once again and found my way to the check in station.

*Note – Do NOT be afraid to ask for help. You will save yourself much more than time, also a headache.

Being typical me I was there 4 hours before my flight was to take off. Now before you laugh, let me say thank god I was. Apparently my flight for 1:40pm had been cancelled BUT there was a flight leaving in an hour that I was able to catch. Pure luck right?

Wrong, the flight was delayed 3 times and I didn’t end up leaving until 2pm; after my original scheduled flight. I had the pleasure of being chosen to get patted down and my bags completely torn through. Thankfully nothing got confiscated or thrown out which leads me to believe I’m I’m getting the hang of travelling with only a carry on bag.

Thank the lord I had an aisle seat is all I can say or my neighbors would not have been happy with me during those 8 hours. I swear I have acquired the bladder of a pregnant lady.

I went through customs with no problems and even made my way into a taxi within 20 minutes of landing. I think I’m getting the hang of this travelling thing. My driver ended up telling me his whole life story which actually was super depressing and I really hope his life improves. I think he just needed someone to express his problems too so I was his girl, at least that night anyways.

I received a huge hug from a pretty amazing guy as soon as I was at my destination in what is apparently NOHO. At this point the fact that it’s like 12am in paris wasn’t even a problem because I was memorized with the city, and I mean being with that someone special definitely adds to the excitement. The night started off with dinner at a cute little cafe and wine; always wine first.

Then we both experienced the Empire State Building at its highest point of 102 floors for the first time. Let’s just say this was probably one of the most beautiful sights I’ve seen. Now that i’m the big 2-1 I put that fact to use and experienced a night out in New york followed by a slice of the best pizza I’ve ever had in my life. When they say new york is known for is pizza, they’re not kidding.

The next morning we had a lovely Brunch together before heading off to our fun filled day of being the ultimate tourists. First stop: Central Park which I must say gives the parisia parks a good run for their money. The size for one thing was incredible, but I loved there were so many different things to do and see.

Of course we went to Times square which was a tad overwhelming BUT with the help of my handsome tour guide I got a good old tim hortons coffee which i haven’t’ had in over 3 months. Back home I used to have at least 2 coffees from here a day, so this was literally heaven, even though its actually “bad” coffee considering what I have been indulging in. The temptation of cold stone ice cream got to us and we indulged in mint chocolate chip ice cream with reeses cups. Yep, that combo was delish!

We found our way to the Highline and walked along the old train tracks. It was starting to get cold, so we found our way to no other place than the good old liquor store. It was weird to actually have to go to a specific store to buy alcohol again because in France you find everything at the grocery store.


After finding a couple bottles of alcohol – i swear mom only a couple, we headed back to his apartment to snooze before getting ready for another night of cocktails and an abundance of new friends. We successfully made a delicious hot cider which received great reviews (good job team!). Somehow I had an enormous amount of energy for being in a completely difference time zone and didn’t really sleep well that night. I guess it is the city that really never sleeps.

I didn’t want the next morning to come because that meant leaving new york and flying back to Paris, but it was inevitable for the time being anyways. We went to brunch again which is something I am defiantly not used to, BUT am starting to love quite a bit to be honest.

We said our sad goodbyes and i headed in my way to the jfk airport in an uber once again. I swear I have the best luck when it comes to getting good drivers. I ended up getting to the airport in a third of the time i expected and had a wonderful conversation with the driver who now follows me on Instagram ( what is this world coming to)

Went through security like a breeze for once; no pat downs this time baby.
Unfortunatly this airport didn’t have wifi , which seems extremely odd considering the world we’re currently living in, but i wasn’t completely lost not knowing what to do with myself for three hours. I was in heaven with all of the english book and magazine selection and of course had to make some purchases. Enjoyed my last tub of greek yogurt for a while before saying bonjour to fromage blanc again. I now realize that they really aren’t that similar at all.. I miss my greek yogurt.

I am here writing this on day two of no sleep, which means it’s probably a good time for this chick to get a bit of rest before waking up and doing it all over again tomorrow… actually wait! Good news, no school!




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