Yep I’m an au pair, and I’m proud of it

When i get asked what the heck I’m doing in paris, I’m not ashamed to tell the truth. I may be making less money than i’m spending in a week but i’m having the time of my life. Like anything in life, there are times when i truly hate what i’m doing and want to quit but the good times i’ve already experienced outweigh all the negative aspect. Not once have I been ashamed when saying what I’m doing in Paris because

1. I’ve never been this happy

2. There are more perks to this job than many may think

3. I’ve met friends that I would never have been able to meet if it wasn’t for being here in this situation.

I’ve taken on the role of a big sister to a little girl who wasn’t given the opportunity to have one which is something I can say i’ve had enough experience with and am more than happy to be able to do it again.
There’s a lot of responsibility that comes with this job. I mean, my host family has put complete trust in me to watch over their only pride and joy in life. I am responsible for her when they aren’t around no matter what trouble she finds herself getting into, its under me. Hiring someone to watch your child from across the ocean without knowing theoretically anything about them or their past is not something that I would want to do that’s for sure.
Imagine the experience I am going to get out of this year when I’m finished. For one, looking after a child requires a heck of a lot more work than many might think. I’ve been put in the position of essentially a third parent figure which is also been great practice for when I have children of my own. I am ale to learn another language while also teaching my own to someone else (with difficulty of course). I must say that being immersed in a city where the language you are learning is prominent, it’s a lot more effective.
I’ve not only been able to create a relationship with my host family but I have had the opportunity to met so may others from all over the globe. With the help of social media there has been constant events put on for other au pairs and expats in general in Paris which makes it easy to mingle. I’ve met friends that I will keep for life and would never have met unless I had taken on this job, which brings me back to believe that everything happens for a reason.
There’s no crying to mommy and daddy when I need something here in Paris. These past three months I’ve had to do things that I should have been doing myself probably a long time ago but relied and took their help for granted. Long gone are the days where Mom would buy my shampoo and shaving cream or the daily coffee; or several. I’ve learned that things in life do not come easy or cheap for that matter, and surprisingly i’m okay with this fact. At one point or another we all have to grow up and face these facts and I guess that this was mine.
With every job i’ve done there has always been some sort of fun that has come along with it. Throughout the week I get to come up with activities and games to entertain her  which end up being fun for me as well. Who doesn’t love getting paid to play with children right? Another aspect of fun with this job; I get to wander around one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
I defiantly chose the right country in terms of location and accessibility to other countries. France is in a very central part of Europe and already, within the two months I have been here I’ve traveled to Rome, Amsterdam and Brussels within a matter of hours. I was even lucky enough to venture back across the ocean to New York; who would have guessed. There are so many forms of transportation here which is something I’m not used to having the access to. We have one bus that would pass my house every hour where as here, they come and go every 5-10 minutes.
Simple Joy
There’s no better feeling than the bond you can have with a child of course once you gain their respect. Every morning when I wake up I look forward to running downstairs to receive my morning bisous from my petite soeur. 

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4 thoughts on “Yep I’m an au pair, and I’m proud of it”

    1. An au pair is technically a babysitter, but you can be live in or live out. I have to take her to school in the morning and then pick her up afterwards and stay until the parents come home at night. Every situation is different in terms of duties! It’s actually such a good job, i’m loving it!

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