three months down, seven to go

So I have officially been in France now for 3 months, that’s a whole 90 something days. I know that everyone always says that time passes faster than we think, and I can fully understand why that would be. Comfort wise I feel like it’s been a lot longer since i have been living this life I am now, but psychologically it feels like it was just yesterday that I was home waiting tables at my family restaurant.

A lot has changed in these 3 months and I’ve learned a lot about who I am as a person, but also a lot about how the Parisians live on a daily basis. I know that i’ve changed, i mean how would if have been possible for me not to. I feel as if it has been for the better, as I see these travel and experiences have made me more independent, more appreciative and a heck of a lot happier in general. Even though I “thought” I was 100% happy being at home in my daily life, i only felt that way because I had yet to experience anything better.

I though that I would lay out some of the current thoughts that are going through my head as I enter my fourth month abroad in Paris.

1. I came here absolutely hating red wine, and now I prefer it over my beloved white. Sorry white wine lovers but there’s just something about a rich bodied red. It could be the difference of how I consume it considering now I see wine as not just another alcohol but an addition to a meal.

2. I have become picky when it comes to baguettes. Not every bakery makes a good fluffy stick of bread let me tell you. If you’re in the city and want to try a good one check out the chain Paul, its cheap and always fresh!

3. I miss my cheap coffees from Tim Hortons. They try here , but they just aren’t the same. Thankfully I’m a lucky girl and got a cup while in New York.

4. Cheese is SO much better here. I hated cheese before I came here and now I can’t stop eating it, especially Comte. I am also becoming an expert of cheese thanks to my knowledgeable 6 year old teacher. Comte is by far the best cheese I’ve had and placed between a fresh baguette is to die for!

5. I’ve found a love for children again. Before coming here I was set on never having children and my tolerance was little to none. so you’re probably thinking why i chose this job then right, well I think that what I’ve already gotten from it is enough reason.

6. My french has gotten immensely better over these past three months and my confidence of having conversations has risen beyond belief. The other night I was actually the translator between a Parisian and an English speaking Australian which was pretty confidence boosting I must say.

7. I have given up on curling, straightening or styling my hair during the weekdays. The Parisians just seem to let their hair go natural, so why wouldn’t i create less work for myself. That and the fact that I also blew my curling iron with their outlet, oops.

8. My relationship with my host family is amazing (knock on wood) and I really enjoy spending time with them as they consider me a daughter figure in their family. It seems as if there is always a need for wine or champagne at the dinner table which I have no complaints with.

9. I miss my kitchen terribly. I’m more frustrated here not being able to bake as much as I used to, mainly because I don’t have access to the ingredients and time in the kitchen as I’m so busy.

10. I need to invest in a pair of rain boots because my umbrella just isn’t cutting it. Oh, and might I mention that this is my second umbrella because my first one broke in the whole “getting pushed by a beggar on the street” incident my first month here.

So after spending three months abroad I’ve definitely had the opportunity to learn lots and experience quite a number of things. I’m slightly embarrassed to say that I have yet to visit a museum here in Paris, but mainly it’s because I have been waiting until the temperature is too cold to be outside.

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