Saturday Grocery Runs & Christmas Market

Once again, I didn’t have any specific plans for the day other than the bi-weekly grocery run with the father. This is something that I actually look forward to. I get to choose food that I want to eat and we speak English the WHOLE time. Apparently he says it’s his “learning” time, which is fine by me. I woke up to a knock on my bedroom door around 8:45 and we were out of the house and on our way by 9. You can probably tell I don’t take a long time to get ready, and since becoming an au pair it’s decreased even more.

After the horrible congested experience at Auchan we enjoyed an expresso together at Illy. I must admit their coffee is probably one of my favorites here in Paris that I have tried; it being an italian chain could be why. I’ve been told time after time again that the coffee in Italy are the best by my 6 year old professional coffee drinker, so she must be right. We ate lunch together as a family which isn’t something I normally do on saturdays but I’m sure glad I did. It reminded me of a thanksgiving dinner in a way actually which seems to fit with the american holiday being next week and all. I even had a chance to try a fruit which I had never seen or heard of before, called a lychee.

By far, my new favorite fruit. 

I knew I had to be back to babysit for 6 pm so at the late hour of two in the afternoon I headed into Paris with my camera and no set destination in sight. I got off the train and had a choice of 4 metro lines to take and ended up choosing the one I use the least often to change up the scene a little bit and see where it took me. I got off where the rest of the travellers did which just so happened to be in the middle of the Christmas Markets. My love for this holiday is just too much to stay away.

I ended up walking the whole circle this time and smelled so many wonderful foods. Seriously though, I swear the food is the best thing about the market. EXCEPT the horrid smells of Raclettes.


A raclette is a swiss cheese dish where you scrap off the melted part as it is being heated. Apparently they are to die for, or so says my host family but gosh the smell really turned me off. I think I chose I good time to go as there wasn’t a lot of people there during the day. Let me rephrase that because there definitely were A LOT of people there, but compared to at night where you literally can’t walk two steps in front of you, it was great.

I was amazed by the outdoor skating rink and really wished that I had of tried it out. Guess I’ll have to go back, darn. It’s so different to be able to rent skates which you can’t do in my little town in Nova Scotia where everyone has their own pair.


Ended the day with a much needed treat.

IMG_0386Belgium got my addicted to these waffles, there just no going back to my aunt Jeremiah mixes now.

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