Even the best fall down sometimes… some more than others

Waking up this morning reminded me of why i don’t drink often let alone during the week when i have to work at 7 the next morning. Let’s just say trying to dress a kid, brush her teeth and feed her while working on 4 hours of sleep is not an easy task. No regrets of course as I’ve learned to take every opportunity possible and last night I sure as well did that.

Unlike the majority of people suffering from the morning after a night out or simply a “hangover” I decided to try and make it a good day. I made myself a huge bowl of oatmeal, a cup of coffee and found an Advil before setting off for Paris.


Thursdays are the day i usually put aside to roam Paris alone because like everyone I need my me time.  Every week I will pick a station that I haven’t been to before and get off and wander the streets to see what I can find. Today, I hit the jackpot; literally a bakers heaven.IMG_7058IMG_7061

sprinkle heaven!

covered passages 

I’ve decided that I will be enrolling in an advanced business French class for the next two semesters which is a whopping 1100 euros, kill me now. The plan for today was to go to the school to pay and save my seat for the course which I successfully did, only to find out after that there are only 2 of us enrolled right now and the class will not run unless there’s at least 6.

CHANGE, i hate change.


I left the school not on a particularly happy note being forced with yet, more decisions.IMG_7054

Christmas trees are so tiny here!

THEN, if it wasn’t bad enough the first time when I got pushed down in Paris, It happened yet again but this time my phone flew from my hands and the screen… shattered. Happy Thursday to me. There I was in tears over a phone in the middle of Paris. Yes, I cried. My iPhone has become such a central part of my life so seeing it completely broken didn’t go over too well. Then I got harassed by a man who had the nerve to tell me that I shouldn’t have my phone out in public.

Thank god I still had the ability to call people because I needed to talk to my parents, bad. Thankfully I have the most amazing father and mother who were able to calm me down even being in another country and reassured me that life will get better.My phone = my communication with my family therefore an essential part of my life here.

Here I am ranting about something that really is so minor in life when I should be thankful I even have a phone in the first place or the fact that I’m living in Paris. Theoretically my day was not that bad at all to be honest compared to what it could have been, but it was out of the norm which really throws me off. I feel so selfish now about my reaction to this day, it’s thanksgiving for gods sake and I have so many things to be thankful for in this life I’ve been given.

Above everything, i’m so thankful for my family and how much support they have provided me with throughout the years. We often bypass the importance of a strong family bond but it’s essential in my opinion. They’ve put up with my nonsense as every parents do but more than that they’ve created a vision of who and what I want to be someday. My father and my mother are the top two role models in my life (both for different reasons of course) and I’m just praying I turn out half as successful as they have been.IMG_7068So the real question is how do you do starbucks?

Happy thanksgiving my american readers!

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2 thoughts on “Even the best fall down sometimes… some more than others”

  1. I fall in love with Paris a little bit more every time I read your posts! My phone is my life, so I understand how you feel about yours! I have a mild panic attack when I can’t find it within .5 seconds. I get thrown off when something out my definition of ‘normal’ happens, but sometimes it’s just unavoidable. I hope you get your phone fixed (or a new one 😉 ) and that more people join your paper! 🙂 As for the Starbucks question, I’m quite partial to pain au chocolat 😉 You can’t go wrong!

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