7 things you must try at a Paris Christmas Market

When going to a Parisian christmas market prepare yourself to be surrounded by a lot of food, and not your typical baguette, cheese and macarons either. Of course there’s wine but not just any wine, it’s hot! The markets are filled with many traditional Christmas dishes from other surrounding European countries such as Germany, Norway, Sweden and there’s even a Brazilian bar just in case you want a different scene. The problem isn’t finding food to eat because there’s plenty of it to go around, but to avoid the temptation of everything! Thankfully there are stand which offer free samples if you ask so you can try everything!

What you must try at one of these markets

1. Mulled wine.

This is definitely the most common item that you will find this at most stands throughout the market. It’s a typical Christmas drink in Europe and consists of red wine mixed with spices and heated and then served.


2. Sausage. 

I am not typically someone who would even think twice about eating a raw sausage but they were giving out free samples and there’s nothing better than FREE. So, truth be told the samples did what they were set out to do and sold me on them.

IMG_0345 IMG_0315

3. Raclettes

As i’ve mentioned before the smell is nothing to go telling your mother about let me tell you, but apparently they are a must here in France. They involve cheese so of course it would, right?

IMG_0339 IMG_0338

4. Sausage and Sauerkraut

These bad boys cost 12 euros but don’t think you’re getting short changed. They are HUGE and so tasty but plan to wait in line for a while especially if you go at night because there is always a crowd surrounding these booths!

IMG_0354  IMG_0361 IMG_0365

5. Gingerbread cone with melted chocolate

I had never seen this before so I was a bit apprehensive of chocolate being on top of gingerbread, where as I’m used to eating it with whip cream but I gave it a try. One word, AMAZING. The gingerbread had such a wonderful flavor and accompanied with chocolate was just to die for. The cone factor was also a great choice so I could continue on my way through the markets with it.


If you’re not into the chocolate factor than be sure to still get your hands on a fresh load of pain d’epices or gingerbread as we would call it!IMG_0357

5. Canadian Treasures.

I stumbled upon this stand randomly and was thrilled that my country was being represented in a completely different continent. I ended up talking to the girl who was working the stand for more than 10 minutes and surprisingly she even knew where Nova Scotia was! You can find canadian beer, maple cookies, syrup (of course), maple butter and even some baking mixes!IMG_0318

6. Chocolate covered Fruit

I’ve obviously had a candy and caramel apple before but never a chocolate one, let alone other fruit dipped in chocolate. They literally took anything they could, stuck it on a stick and dipped it in chocolate! I have yet to try the chocolate coconut or pear but i’m determined to before the christmas markets are over.


7. Foie Gras

I’ve already tasted foie gras as I’ve been here for 3 months now and my family has pretty well forced me to try any and all of the french cuisine. The whole duck liver really isn’t all that appealing to me but if you haven’t tried it than the Christmas markets would be a great place to check it out!

IMG_0343I hope if you make it to a Christmas market this year in Paris you get a chance to taste some of the yummy goodies they have to offer! Merry Christmas from Paris !


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