Good Morning Montreal

More like good afternoon considering I didn’t wake up until noon, but considering I went to sleep at 5am I don’t think that’s too bad! This trip back has been one hell of an adventure I can tell you that much, a very tiring one at that.

Don’t cry over spilt milk

The famous saying that I’m sure most of us heard from our parents over and over again when growing up. Something that I’ve recently discovered is that they were right. Yep I said it. MOM YOU WERE RIGHT.

So I spent 13 hours in the Halifax airport yesterday and missed my connection to Paris.
So What.

So I’m going to arrive a day later in Paris
So What.

We can’t change unforeseen events in the world but what we can do is make the best of them. I took this as an opportunity to travel to another city that I had yet to go to. I must say that Air Canada did a very impressive job in providing their customers with not only help but plenty of gratitudes.

Upon arriving in Montreal I was given 3 x $10 meal vouchers that can be used in any airport in Canada where Air Canada flies. Here I was pumped to get free coffee when we were presented with more. We even have a discount of 25% for our next flights.

We were given vouchers for two taxi rides to downtown Montreal along with a voucher for the Delta Montreal. The hotel was beautiful itself but the fact that I had my own king size bed for a few hours was amazing. Check out was unfortunately at 12pm so I grabbed a quick shower and headed down for a meal at the restaurant. Now of course we didn’t have to pay for this either as we were given $17 for meals at the hotel. I made my way back the airport in the freezing rain that made for a very slow trip. Not even 5 mins of being inside the airport I was frustrated and completely annoyed with everything .Now the fact that I hadn’t slept could have been a good reason but there should be no excuses, just appreciation! I waited in line for customer service for over an hour only to find out that the lady at Air Canada the night before had upgraded my seat to Executive class because she felt horrible for the amount of trouble I had gone through. She had said that she did secretly but I didn’t think that she actually had; who knew there are actually genuinely nice people in the world. Who am I kidding, She was Canadian, it’s in her blood.

So here I am 3 hours before my flight sitting in the maple leaf lounge with access to unlimited beer, wine and lots of yummy food. Oh, don’t let me forget coffee. The most essential part of my day, everyday.

This journey back was completely turned upside down but I feel almost blessed with what happened. I have a new found appreciation for the airlines, especially when dealing with events like these. Apparently it seems that not all companies are out there to essentially “screw” you over. Air Canada, let’s just say I’ll be flying with you again.



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