When did our lives become so dependent on technology

Life changes; every second, every minute, every day something has evolved.

Faster and more complicated than we might want at times.

Today I sat at a cafe and did what I love best; people watched. Okay, I originally went in because I wanted to get some studying down but became preoccupied by observing my surroundings.

First thing I noticed was the Wi-fi password visible on table.

Apparently, gone are the days when you would find a newspaper waiting to be read.

First things first, coffee. Then out came the technology. Iphone, than Ipad with bluetooth keyboard, headphones, online textbook… you get the picture.

I sat at a table consisting of a couple enjoying their gouter and a single man studying accounting. No i’m not making that part up, being the social butterfly I am I started a conversation. The guy across from me may have been physically alone but with his eyes preoccupied by his phone and tablet.

An hour or so passed and a young couple arrived with cell phones in hand. So far, nothing out of the ordinary in today’s day and age.

They had conversations but not without the occasional glance down at their phones. When the food arrived I watched as the man assembled his coffee and cake so perfectly to snap a photo which I assume was instagrammed within the minutes that followed. Then the woman had to do the same with her phone.

When did a cup of coffee become art?

I’m not going to lie, I’m the worst for this as many of you might know. I’m constantly taking pictures of my food whether it be the at local coffee shop or in my kitchen when I’m making my favorite recipes.

They sat there for 30 minutes, only to be attached to their phones the whole time. Not once were they taken off of the table. This is how we live today. Our everyday lives rely on technology to do daily tasks in a more productive manner, or maybe even to simple just pass the time.

I’m a avid user of technology but after taking the time today to watch how it has become such a reliance in our lives has really made me think about my own consummation. Technology is a huge part of my daily life.

  • I’m enrolled in school which is all done online
  • I’m able to talk to my friends and family from across the ocean instantly
  • Google Maps has become my best friend in Paris, actually anywhere I travel to be honest
  • I’m able to express myself on my blog
  • I have thousands of books accessible on one platform instead of carrying around a physical object.

This is just the beginning of the long list of how I’m consuming technology every day. Come to think about it, my usage starts from the moment I wake up in the morning thanks to the alarm clock on my phone.

Sadly, as time passes we either have the choice to fall behind or keep up with society in terms of how we do our day to day activities. I would love to say that I will consume less, but it’s impossible in my current lifestyle. There’s always going to be things in life that we want to change, but aren’t feasible.

Do you find yourself relying on technology more and more?

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The Mindful Maritimer

I'm a 23 year old travel addict, health coach and thriving foodie! Follow my journey of overcoming my eating disorder while traveling the world!

One thought on “When did our lives become so dependent on technology”

  1. True in context of communication our generation has lost it. I also think it makes it easy for the people who do not want to socialize in public to shy away from having a conversation with strangers on buses, at cafes, public places etc. Of course, this makes it worse because no one wants to communicate in person any more and nowadays it’s become an era of who can spend the most time on their phones texting people without having to actually meet up with them and it is all about the popularity contest that no one actually gives a sh*t about. It’s the comfort level, a lot easier and way less effort to just text someone rather than meet up with them. Doesn’t necessary mean it’s a good thing because if two people are talking via text, what’s the point in meeting in person when you already know what’s going on in the other person’s life. Even with our friends we do the same. But I think there are also good things attached to technology, especially on the business side of things. Social media now is a great way to advertise your company and promote events. The list goes on, it just depends on what the context is.
    And yes I find myself relying on technology more and more but I believe that it is not my fault because society is now so different and everything is dependant on technology to be more efficient. So in this case it is not really an option and is it a good thing? Yes and no, again it depends on the context.
    Good article! You should also focus on how to fix the problem if you have time because people do not know how to communicate with each other verbally. I would love to see you offer solutions and ways that people can communicate better since you are travelling now and have seen different cultures. I think it would be different if you offer solutions to certain problems we are currently dealing with.

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