AntiCafe Review

Imagine a place where you can go for unlimited cups of amazing hot drinks (including cappuccino for all you foam lovers out there) , a variety of snacks (with hummus, score!) and wifi. I decided to check out this cafe after being told from a friend about it and how much she enjoyed going there.

So what is it?

I want to say that it’s a cafe but really it’s not even anything close to any others I’ve been to. You don’t feel like you’re in a typical cafe atmosphere but more like inside of a home with access to a kitchen, dining room and living room area.

What makes it so special?

So basically when you go into the cafe you get an electronic card that is programmed with the time you arrived. You’re then free to order as many drinks as you want, and enjoy the snack options they have. At the location I was at the snacks ranged from hummus and veggies to rice cakes and toast. You get charged 4 euros for the first hour and then an additional 3 for ever hour past that. They even offer day and month deals for the regular customers which may in fact be me in a few weeks.

My friend and i noticed a shelf ill of board games which are available for their customers to use so we opted for the deck of cards to play crazy eights. I loved the fact they have so many options for everyone’s interest. Looking around the customers ranged in age from college students catching up on their Facebook feed to businessmen working away on their laptops. Then of course there was us playing being the kids we are at heart playing cards!

I was so impressed with this cafe not only because of what it provides its customers but also the service I received. There was one man working the whole cafe and he did an amazing job at making sure everyone was taken care of. I would definitely suggest checking out this cafe if you have an hour or more and want a bit of a change of atmosphere.

You can go to their website here to find the locations in Paris!






Joe Allens Paris

You always hear the saying its a small world but when it actually happens to you and you realize how small it really is, it’s actually a pretty cool feeling. Before leaving Nova Scotia I had been informed that a family friend had a cousin who worked at a restaurant in paris which I guess was pretty cool considering its across the ocean right!

Fast forward to October. I finally got the cell phone number to the cousin who apparently is the owner of the franchise; pretty cool! I looked up the location on Google maps ( oh how I love this app) and found that it was actually pretty close to where I had already explored in Paris but had never actually passed the area. I had a couple free hours with no specific plans so I met with my friend to check out the restaurant and to met this cousin!

Turns out it’s an American style restaurant (score!) and the owner was extremely friendly! You could defiantly tell he as a Canadian! We had a also let chat and he gave us some history on the Halles in the 1970s and how it used to be a huge market which fed the majority of paris. I actually love learning about the history of paris.. It’s more interesting than you may think.IMG_5522.JPG

The venue itself reminds me of an Irish pub In a way. It has tables outside but on the inside there’s a bar and of course more tables.

Oh fun fact about this restaurant! They actually give ice to their customers when they give them water! Being french they also give a bread basket and butter with meals which is essential I’ve found out. Might i point out the bread is fresh, warm and made in their restaurant!

I ordered the spinach salad which ended up being massive so I would suggest going with the small size which is actually only 10 euros! Not a bad deal for a great meal and service. Also I must say the avocados were a delicious addition to the typical spinach, bacon and mushroom salad!IMG_5523.JPG

We discovered their Happy hour is from 16-20hr and they have Malibu so we will be making a trip back one evening.

Apparently they even host a thanksgiving dinner around the end of November for americans and have people reserve places from all over Europe to come enjoy their Turkey dinner. It costs 45 euros for the completely dinner but I think it would be worth it, especially if you were an american expat in Paris!

I would recommend this restaurant to anyone wanting a good fresh meal and I hear this is the place to go for a good american burger! Check it out at 30 Rue Pierre Lescot, 75001 Paris, France